PM promises Thailand will be free of corruption within 20-years


Thai PM General Prayut has promised his government will not interfere with the Thai legal system and repeated his call for everybody to work together to fight corruption.

General Prayut’s remarks came as he introduced the government’s Anti-Corruption Day with a speech including a reminder that corruption is the root of social unrest and is holding the country back from growing and developing.

He said the initiative was to encourage all Thai people, up and down the country, to assist the government achieve their goals.

He insisted that every corruption related legal case must be handled fairly and by using existing laws and procedures. Prayut promised his government would not interfere with any legal cases.

He also reminded younger generations of their need to develop negative attitudes towards corruption and attempt to stop it in future.

The general has expressed his confidence that Thailand will be free of corruption within the next twenty-year as his government has a plan.

Report from AsiaJack News Team