Video: Foreign Mafia relentlessly beat up Thai men

One of the men has been identified as Australian John Lee

Pattaya One News Team received a report this morning from a fifty-seven-year old street food vendor Mrs Supreeya Konghkan.

She reported that two of her nephews were badly beaten up last night by a ‘foreign mafia gang’ close to the Chaimongkol Temple, Pattaya.

Reporters have visited the two men, twenty-two-year old Mr. Pholrun Chatboot, who received facial wounds and twenty-four year old Mr Nattapong Pooncharoen, who was knocked unconscious, to record their injuries.

Naturally the two men claim to have no idea why they were attacked.

Mr. Pholrun said that on 17th September at around 6pm he was having dinner when he noticed a black pick-up truck chasing a Thai man after the driver had knocked him off his motorbike.

The truck stopped outside a beer bar and so he went to ask the driver what he was doing. He says that four foreigners, who were dressed like a ‘biker gang’ got out and attacked him.

One of them had a knife and so all his Thai friends ran away, leaving him alone until his elder brother, Mr. Nattapong, tried to intervene until he too was attacked and knocked out.

Eventually the men left the scene and the boy’s grandmother took them to the hospital.

The grandmother has reported that the men had been in the Soi before and chased away a gay Thai man. She says they threatened him with a knife and that he had to run for his life.

She thinks maybe the same thing had happened this time and that her grandson’s were simply picked on because they tried to intervene and help the Thai man who was running away.

Their statements and a copy of the CCTV footage has been sent to Pattaya Police for review.

Report by Pattaya One News Team

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    Someone is at War

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    There is more to this story.

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    what you dont see, because thai scum on here only want to lie about whats going on, is,,, the 3 thai men,, 2 on the bike and the one getting the beating,, were involved in a prang, with the bikers pickup truck, and use tools and blocks, to smash and damage the trucks windows and bodywork,, and what you see now,, is them running away like cowards because the men that got out of the truck, were bigger than they realised, so they shat themselves and left their coward mate to take the beating.. but of course becuse this is thailand, they like to lie and blame the non thai’s.. so pattaya news,, GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT BEFORE UR SO EAGER TO KISS UP TO THE THAI