The Jack Report: Trump or Clinton?

historic victory for Trump
Trump forced to wait as the Clinton camp has gone to bed..
I think Clinton is the better option of the two, given the worst two political choices in the history of American politics.
But, most Americans deserve a Trump.
Just watching the Ryder Cup last night and hearing the brain dead shouting ‘cheeseburger’ or some other neanderthal nonsense every time a European player hits a ball.
It’s American people at their worst on the world TV’s all weekend again. For us all to enjoy
Yo’ da man…. Gerr-in-da hole…. Kuchhhhhh akakakakaaaaaaa
I think you deserve a Trumping.
The rest of the world is already laughing at you and will be all weekend.
Why not Trump?

How much worse can your world-wide image get… ?

Albert Jack