PM Wants Media to Act as ‘Mouth, Eyes and Ears’ of Thailand


Prime Minister Prayut chan-ocha said Thursday that he would like the Thai media, such as Pattaya One, to act as ‘mouth, eyes and ears’ of the country and to report on things which will not cause damage to the country.

The media, he said, should be well aware of the problems facing the country and the problems are complicated so they should not quickly jump into conclusions but should wait until the truths reveal themselves.

Touching on confidence issue, the prime minister said that all Thais must help in confidence building and the best way of confidence building is for all Thais to have unity.

“For those who do not cooperate in confidence building, just leave them alone and do not pay them any attention. If they engage in any (illegal) activities, it is their business and the law will take care of them,” said the prime minister.

He said that he is ready to invoke his special powers, but he does not want to and he does not want anyone to force him to do so.

Ok then, Mr Prime Minister. We shall start helping right away.

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Story by Political Correspondent Winston Smith