Video – Man saves two children with incredible reactions

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Indonesian man saves his two children from an out-of-control car with a perfectly timed BACKFLIP.

  • The motorbike mechanic saw a car coming and quickly grabbed his children
  • He held them in his arms while rolling backwards bringing them to safety 
  • Incredible rescue, which happened in a split second, has stunned web users 
  • The video has gathered nearly four million views in one day on Facebook 

Like a scene from a Hollywood action film, a bike mechanic has saved his two children from being hit by a car with his incredible agility.

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Surveillance footage shows how the man grabbed the children from the path of the fast vehicle and rolling backwards bringing them to safety in a split second.

His fearless act and incredible moves have been hailed by thousands of web users who compared him to action stars.

The video was posted today by Gossip Village, a Taiwanese group on Facebook, and has already been viewed more than 820,000 times.

In less than 30 seconds, the clip shows the man squatting down and fixing a motorbike when his children were playing nearby.

The man was facing away from his children as he worked.

As the children walked across the pavement, the man suddenly turned his head to look at them.

In a split second, he got up, ran towards his children, grabbed them to his arms and rolled backwards.

Just as he got a hold of his children, a car is seen driving by at high speeds, missing them by inches.

The blue car then crashed into the garage.

The social media post, which has been shared for more than 10,000 times, does not suggest where or when the incident happened.

However, web users suggested that it had been filmed in Indonesia. The claim was supported by a report on Jambi Tribune.

According to Jambi Tribune, the incident took place in Selatan Jaya Motor, a small local motor repairing shop in Jambi city, Indonesia, in the morning of December 22.

Anwar Sutanto Chen, who released the surveillance video, said the man was his staff and best friend and he was repairing a motorbike at the time, the article said.

No injuries have been reported.

Chen, who owns the garage, posted the footage to his account on Facebook.

The heart-stopping video has attracted 3.7 million views and 54,000 shares on his page.

Thousands of web users complimented the father’s agile moves and courage.

‘He saved both children? Presence of God,’ said one web user.

Many compared him to superhero characters, kungfu masters and action movie stars, such as Jackie Chan and Liam Neeson.

Some users were in disbelief feeling shocked by the man’s super-quick response.

One such user said: ‘I watched ten times and I just can’t believe my eyes!’

However, there are also some people who criticised the irresponsible driver.

Police arrived shortly after the accident and the investigation is still ongoing, Jambi Tribune said.

-Daily Mail

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