This is how to block SMS spam to your Thai cell phone

An easy way to put an end to all those annoying spam sms messages in Thailand
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Fed up with SMS spam?  Send SMS spam packing: Call *137

Just pick up your mobile and press *137 and phone out. The service is free.

Don’t worry about Thai language voice message. Just press 1 to confirm you want to end spam from your own handset network. Seconds later press 1 again to confirm. Then hang up.

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Now, repeat the process. Dial *137. This time, when you hear Thai language message select 2. Wait a few seconds and then press 1 to confirm.

Option ‘2’ will prevent all other networks sending you spam sms messages.

So, option 1 for your own network and option 2 for all other networks.

Thailand’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission recommend you repeat the operation if problems persist.

If you have any further difficulties you can call 1200 press 1. This is also free.

The *137 call will work on all networks except TOT3G. In this case you must type your name – space – b then press 137 and call out. This is also free.

Report by BangkokJack News Team

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