New World Order here? Illuminati goes public on Facebook and Twitter VERIFIED pages

A blue tick on a page means those behind it have been verified as genuine and it is usually given to official celebrity, organisation or company pages.

The Illuminati Facebook page has more than 380,000 likes, while there are 107,000 followers on Twitter.

They are the social media pages for the website, which exclusively revealed had been set up last month.

Those behind the website and page announced their satisfaction at the recent approval of the Facebook status online with the post: “The Illuminati is grateful for Facebook’s dedication to our goals.
The website, which claims to be really run by the Illuminati.

“Many pages claim to represent us but are not authorised by our organisation.

“Some have attempted to defraud our members by demanding payment for membership – a practice prohibited by our council.”

There is also an Instagram account with 50,000 followers and YouTube account with 23,000 subscribers.

Since being contacted by media, Facebook appears to have removed the verified tick from the Illuminati page, but it was still showing on the Twitter account today.

The alleged existence of the Illuminati is one of the world’s biggest conspiracy theories.

It is alleged to be a secretive global elite which runs world governments from behind the scenes and is planning to introduce a New World Order (NWO) to control the globe through one sinister organisation.

New World Order COMING? Illuminati ‘goes PUBLIC with website

The theory has its origin in the Illuminati, which was a genuine secret society founded in the late 1700s in Munich, Bavaria, and named after the Latin word for ‘Enlightenment’.

However, that organisation is believed to have disbanded and there is no real evidence that the modern form of the alleged group even exists.

Its key members are said to be drawn from Hollywood and world political and business leaders, with extreme claims that its true leaders are reptilian lizards.

According to some conspiracy theorists, there are only 6,000 members worldwide and a ruling council made up of five Americans, five western Europeans, one Russian and one Indian.


The verified Twitter account of the Illuminati and inset a screen grab of a verified Facebook page.

But, it varies in extremities from the simple implementation of the NWO as a goal at the least, to the Illuminati being a highly Satanic cult that intends returning the devil to earth. claims the organisation actually exists and is actually behind the website, which it claims is to give normal people a better understanding of the secret society and why it operates.

The website, which suggests the Illuminati has its own press office and vice-president called Thaddeus Iam, also claims to dispel “negative myths” about it and suggests the society is actually a force for good.

An “about us” section on the website says: “The Illuminati is an elite organisation of world leaders, business authorities, innovators, artists, and other influential members of this planet.

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