A washing machine for the Indian market has been launched with a ‘curry button’

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According to the BBC, the manufacturers behind the machine Panasonic said the button came as an attempt to battle curry stains that customers were complaining about removing from their clothes.

Panasonic spent two years analysing the ingredients of curries and studying water temperatures, water flow, and washing times in order to perfectly battle those stiff curry stains, alongside others, according to Japan Times.

(Picture: Panasonic)

Alongside curry stains, the machine features five other cycles aimed at the Indian market, including one to remove traces of hair oil – and there are plans to add more features in the future, which will tackle stains unique to Indian culture.

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The washing machine costs between 22,000 and 28,500 rupees (£272 – £352), which is around 10 percent higher than a standard washing machine.

Currently, the machine is only being sold in India – so don’t get too excited about not having to change your clothes before ordering your local Indian.

But hopefully, the craze will soon catch on over here and we’ll be able to get out those horrible gravy stains before we know it.


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