Is it time to drive Islam out of Europe?

More committed than native Europeans

When an ideology, to which over a billion people subscribe, has at its core the conviction that the entire world must submit to its stone-age beliefs and laws and that every infidel (that’s you and me) must convert or die, then those we elect to represent us should at least have the decency to take them seriously.

Instead, over the last two years, Angela Merkel’s Europe has taken an open door approach to inviting millions of fighting age Islamic men into countries that are entirely unprepared for such a responsibility.

This has been a mistake that will affect the natives of those countries for the rest of their lives. And of all their descendants, including the yet to be born.

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And in fifty or one-hundred years time left-wing liberal educators will be teaching the glorious conquering of Europe by the mighty soldiers of Allah. Naturally the tales will be of valiant marches across mountains and epic victories. They won’t mention that we dropped the draw-bridge, gave them all a visa and then took our trousers off.

New World Order – Edgar explains the Fifth Column Attacks that led to the destruction of Islam in the Western World.

It may be already too late to stop this. It may be already too late to prevent war in Europe over the next decade. Civil Wars across the continent.

And there are still too many people on the left of politics who cannot see this coming. I tried to have a conversation with a German neighbor about the effect of Merkel’s policy in his country and he insisted it would be no problem. ‘We integrated millions of East Germans, who had nothing, only a few decades ago,’ he triumphantly said. ‘We can do it again, no problem.’

I might have accidentally mentioned the fact that those East Germans wanted to be German again and did not subscribe to an ideology that required West Germans to become Communist or dead.

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I also may have pointed out that dissatisfaction with government immigration policy led to the rise of the Right-Wing in Germany (as it always does anywhere) during the 1930’s. He looked me up and down and went back to his beer. The conversation, it seemed, was taking him out of his safe space. So, naturally, I carried on.

I reminded him that when Germany reunified they didn’t have to integrate all the East Germans into towns, cities, schools, hospitals or jobs in the West. They already had their own. Well, apart from the jobs. He looked at me again, started crying and called the police.

The Islamic invasion is not confined to Europe. In the south of Thailand Islamists are regularly shooting, stabbing and beheading innocent Buddhists in the name of their religion.

So often, in fact, that it is rarely reported anymore. Although that could have something to do with the Thais wanting to protect their tourist industry.

If I were you, dear reader, don’t go on holiday to Phuket or anywhere near it. The British Government agrees.

But we don’t often hear about that in the news do we? And the Philippines are even worse as western tourists are targeted, kidnapped and then ransomed or beheaded, whichever comes first.

Last year alone (2016) 1326 innocent people were killed and 2620 injured as a result of a one-way jihad being waged against civilians all over the world including America, Germany and France, where a priest had his throat cut by one of the savages of Islam.

Who can do that? Who can take a knife to a defenseless old man and slit his throat. How can we stop this? The response from the liberal left is to invite more monsters into our countries by way of an apology for making them really angry with us in the first place.

‘We will defeat terrorism with ‘kindness and openness,’ the mentally challenged mayor of Stockholm, Karin Wanngard, said yesterday.

Fucked up logic like this is going to lead to the continued rise of right-wing politicians and to Civil War in Europe. Holland is an example of this. Hard right Geert Wilders narrowly lost the General Election there last month and European & American main stream media declared Europe to be relieved at the result.

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But a large part of Holland is not relieved. They are frightened for their futures as followers of Islam tell them in the streets everyday, ‘your daughters will be ours soon.’ How many attacks on Dutch citizens will it take over the next few years to move more voters, enough voters, to the far right and towards Wilders’ promise to ban Islam from the country altogether?

I am guessing it is not many. And that is when the fun will start.

The growing number of Marine Le Pen’s supporters in France were not relieved either. They wanted Wilders to win. So did many Brexit voters in Britain. The French elections are coming soon, as are the Norwegian in September and, more significantly, the German in October.

This is where we will see the serious responses to the serious situation the people of Europe have been led, by the nose, into. This will not be the time for changing Facebook profiles in support of the fellow European, or dimming the lights on the Eiffel Tower, or any of the other meaningless reactions to terrorist attacks. This will be the year Europeans find a serious response to the threats they are facing in their towns and cities every day.

If a group of French children, on a school trip to the center of London, or shoppers in Stockholm, Germany or France, can be mown down by mad, fanatical Islamists then nobody is safe anywhere anymore.

How many more low-tech attacks, using nothing more than something from the kitchen or garage to kill multiple people, must we expect? How much damage can two committed maniacs do on a busy commuter train with a bag of kitchen knives before they can be stopped?

How many must we put up with before accepting that there is a clash of culture between Islam and civilization?

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Five more? Ten? One hundred? Maybe one-hundred at exactly the same time, a co-ordinated attack? What if one-thousand Islamic warriors, posing as refugees, indiscriminately attack anybody within throat-cutting distance at the same time. Any soft target will do. A school, supermarket or train station. It doesn’t matter. The beach, your garden?

Will it take one-thousand Mumbai style slaughters in Europe for us to recognize Islam is our enemy? Or will it take one? We are not compatible. Islam and the civilized world are not compatible.

It is not enough to refer to statistics and declare ourselves safe because more people are killed by ladders than Islamic terrorism every year. Or bee stings or any of the other silly comparisons we hear too often from the Left. Because ladders and bees and any of the other silly examples we hear too often from the Left are not trying to kill us. It isn’t their intention.

It is not enough to wring our hands and tell each other that it is only a radical minority who are a danger – because we don’t know who they are. We don’t know which ones pose the threat. Is it the shopkeeper, the school teacher or your doctor?

It isn’t good enough anymore to argue that it is only a violent minority who wish to do us harm and that the majority of Muslims are peaceful people who should not be blamed. This is an old and tired argument.

Because peaceful majorities have a long track record of turning the other way in fear of provoking their minorities. Indeed, peaceful majorities have never stopped their violent minorities.

The majority of German people are, and always have been, peaceful. But that didn’t stop the violent minority killing twelve-million people in Europe a few decades ago.

The majority of Russian people are, and always have been, peaceful people. But they didn’t stop Stalin and his thugs butchering twenty-million men, women and children.

The majority of Cambodians are lovely, friendly people who failed to prevent Pol Pot murdering two-million citizens during the 1970’s.

We can say the same thing about the Japanese during the second world war. Not all of them strapped on headbands and flew, screaming like banshees, into American warships without provocation. And only the minority went on to slaughter five-million civilians across south east Asia.

The peaceful majority of Muslims should today be hanging its head in shame at their disgrace. Acknowledging the shame of their failure to evolve their ideology into a modern belief system and at their failure to inculcate in their youngsters the value of life.

Their failure to intervene and instead to allow such hatred to grow within their own homes is their shame.

And it’s enough now. The British people neither need nor want the people of Europe to be turning down the lights and holding candlelit vigils in our support. We don’t want you dragging pianos around and singing Imagine, which by the way calls for NO RELIGION.

The people of Britain want you to elect leaders that will rid the continent the threat of Islam and its barbaric ideology. And we promise to do the same. It is time for the people of Europe to think about Israel, our first line of defence, and consider the horrible things they have had to do and endure in order to survive the same enemy we now face in our own countries.

Islam’s war with the West is no longer confined to Israel and images on News at Ten. It will be in your local paper soon, wherever you live. We have already given peace a chance. Now it is time for a more serious response.

If Islam, in its current stone-age barbaric form, cannot modernize and find a way of becoming compatible with European and western values then it must be banned.

And all followers of radical Islam must make their home in one of the barren, stone-age regions their violent minorities desire to turn Europe into. And we in the West must leave them to live their lives as they choose without interference or, for that matter, aid. Just leave them alone.

And the peaceful majority must go with them. Because, once again, the peaceful majority are complicit by ignoring their own violent minority and blaming others. They refuse, or claim to be unable, to confront their problem. So, we in Europe must. Our lives depend upon it. – Albert Jack

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