Swedish liberals call for car ban in response to terror attacks

Left wing Swedish liberals want cars banned, not terrorists.
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The way to prevent further terror attacks, like last week’s in Stockholm, is to ban cars and other vehicles from all cities, according to Aftonbladet editorialist Eva Franchell. ‘They have become deadly weapons,’ she insisted.

The veteran journalist, writing after last Friday’s terror attack in Stockholm that left four people dead and scores badly injured, Franchell made no reference to screening immigrants, hunting down criminals or deporting those with an extremist ideology.

Instead her answer to radical Islam in Europe is to ban cars.

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Franchell claimed that cars are ‘effective murder weapons that must simply be removed from all city centers and other places where people gather, if they are to be protected effectively in the future.’

She wittered on, ‘vehicles are easy to steal and so nothing has been able to stop their advance,’ she wrote. ‘It just isn’t reasonable that a big truck can be driven right into one of Stockholm’s busiest streets on a Friday afternoon right before Easter.’

However, she just about didn’t say, ‘it is perfectly reasonable to expect people from another continents to come into our country and start indiscriminately killing innocent citizens.’

Noting how Stockholm is a popular destination for tourists, Franchell said the city center should be a ‘safe environment’ for visitors to enjoy. She described it as ‘remarkable’ that it is still possible to drive around the Swedish capital’s medieval old town.

Presenting her solution to Jihad in Europe she wrote: ‘Most problems with regards to mobility and public transport can be solved, and deliveries to shops and restaurants could take place at times when people aren’t out on the streets.’

‘Vehicles have been allowed to dominate our cities for decades and it’s the people who need space. It’s vital now that cars be regulated,’ the article concluded.

The idea of reducing the number of cars in Swedish cities was backed last month by Sweden’s environment minister, who argued that driving is a gender equality issue as well as a matter of shrinking the nation’s carbon emissions.

‘Cars are driven largely by men so by giving a lot of space to cars; we’re giving a lot of space to men — at the expense of women,’ Karolina Skog explained.

The pointless mayor of Stockholm, Karin Wanngard, might have displayed her steel and resolve by declaring that ‘terrorism would be defeated.’ However, she went on to add ‘with kindness and openness.’

With people like this sharing their wisdom, I fear Sweden is lost…

Albert Jack

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