Is April 15, 2017 the day World War Three began?

North Korea's Top Brass won't know what has hit them
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By the time you wake up in the morning the world could be at war again. Nuclear war, no less. Well, according to some of the less responsible reporters I have been reading this week.

Breaking news – North Korea attempt two missile launches in the last few minutes

Because this week North Korea warned of a nuclear attack on the United States if there was any sign of American aggression towards them. This warning came as what has been described as an American Armada sailed to take up a position in the Yellow Sea, off the coast of the Korean Peninsula.

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And Japan will be joining the US in military exercises, in response to North Korea lobbing ballistic missiles towards them with sinister regularity over the last few months. Satellite images reveal that North Korea are ready to test a nuclear weapon at a moment’s notice and South Korea have warned that their runt neigbours are ready to carry out nuclear test at any time.

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President Trump claimed, earlier in the week, that Pyongyang is a problem that ‘will be taken care of.’ In response the North Korean state-owned news outlet, KCNA, issued on Friday what is perhaps their starkest warning yet.

‘This has created a dangerous situation in which a thermo-nuclear war may break out any moment on the peninsula and poses a serious threat to world peace and security.’

And foreign journalists in North Korea have been told to prepare for ‘big and important event‘ this weekend.

But America will not be intimidated by this sort of rhetoric anymore. In fact they have said nothing at all. Instead they simply moved their fleet closer and closer. By Friday afternoon North Korea were whinging that ‘America are bringing dangerous heavy weapons into the region and somebody must stop them.’ They might be crying by tea-time.

Now, obviously if North Korea actually do possess a nuclear capability they do not have a delivery system that would ferry it all the way to the American mainland. But, they could reach U.S. facilities in South Korea and they could reach the U.S. battle fleet as it arrives. So, what if they do launch something unpleasant in the morning?

Well I believe there would be an immediate and devastating response from the US military, backed by Japan. South Korean forces would quickly invade from the south (They have been practicing this for decades) and America would then provide air support until North Korea is hanging in tatters. That should probably take up the rest of the morning.

If Pumpkinhead really does launch a preemptive, aggressive strike on the U.S. military then they will be destroyed. If for no other reason than to demonstrate modern day American military capability as a warning to…. well, everybody else.

So, how will the Russians and Chinese react? There will be a lot of talk from Moscow about America being the world’s greatest threat to peace and the Chinese won’t react at all, other than to deploy their own troops to the southern border and stop North Koreans, who will be running away, from crossing into China.

So why is this all coming to a head tomorrow, on April 15, 2017? This date is a big day in North Korea and marks the birthday of Kim Il Sung, the grandfather of the current lunatic in charge and the founder of the communist state in the first place.

In the past this day has always been used to launch missiles and test weapons and generally hold big, unimpressive military displays of their 1950’s machinery. Which is a good thing because at least all their soldiers will be in one confined space in the capital city.

April 15 is the day North Koreans always flex their undeveloped muscles and provoke their neighbors and, for fifty years, the wider-world has heaved a big sigh and ignored them. This won’t happen tomorrow.

Not if Kim Jong Un is feeling confident that he can call the President’s bluff and there is every chance of him doing that. He and his ancestors have been getting away with doing as they please in the most brutal and arrogant of manners for decades. He must be feeling pretty untouchable in his little communist, concrete bunker at the present time.

But he won’t be ignored again tomorrow. He will be in for a big surprise in the shape of a warhead coming down his chimney. There is no doubt America has the power to remove this rogue state from the map, forever.

I am sure Trump won’t think twice about a shock and awe attack on just a small part of it. The part Kim Jong Un is sitting in celebrating his granddad’s birthday. By this time tomorrow we shall know.

But, world-war-three? There is little chance of that because North Korea doesn’t have any allies. Nobody gives a damn about them anymore. Last month China stopped buying their raw materials and coal from North Korea. They don’t really care about communism anymore and certainly won’t be entering into a conflict with America over Kim Jong Un’s fate.

Russia will have plenty to say, they always do. But they too don’t want to be drawn into conflict with America because, if drawn, they will reveal their hand. They will show the world how under-equipped and weak they really are and that will cause irreparable damage to Vladimir Putin’s reputation, not to mention ego.

And anyway, world-war-three has already started. It began in 2001 and is being fought against an enemy who wears no uniform and hides among women and children so it is impossible to shoot at them. It is being fought all over the world and is waged by radical Islam.

It is a war the west should have won in only a matter of months, if the main protagonists hadn’t been more determined to win hearts and minds than they were military conflict.

It is billed as modern, 21st Century warfare but, unfortunately, can only be won in the old-fashioned way, with the complete annihilation of the enemy and everything it stands for. Sooner or later this is the only way world-war-three can be won.

In the meantime, North Korea is target practice.

Albert Jack

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