Woman shot by UK police is charged with terrorism

Police officers stand next to terraced housing in Harlesden Road, north London on April 28, after British counter-terrorism police shot a woman and claimed to have thwarted an active terrorist plot. (Reuters photo)
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LONDON – A woman who was shot by officers during a raid by counter-terrorism police in London has been charged with preparing acts of terrorism and plotting murder.

The Metropolitan Police force says 21-year-old Rizlaine Boular and two other women – one of them her mother – were charged Wednesday with preparing terrorist acts and conspiracy to murder.

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The three were detained April 27 during police raids in London and nearby Kent County. Boular was shot and injured.

Several other people arrested in the same operation, including women aged 18 and 19 and a 16-year-old boy, have been released without charges.

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Police say they disrupted an active terror plot when they made the arrests.

British officials have set the threat level from international terrorism at “severe,” indicating an attack is highly likely.


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