Labour may look like a joke but it ain’t a funny one

Abbott’s interview left listeners cringing - Getty Images
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-Rod Liddle writing in The Sun

DID you hear that Diane Abbott interview? The one where our Shadow Home Secretary revealed that she had the IQ of an electric toothbrush which has recently been stripped of its bristles? And battery?

I was howling with laughter as she failed to answer a series of very, very simple questions put by LBC’s Nick Ferrari.

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It was like watching a goldfish try to ride a motorbike.

Diane was so fabulously out of her depth I actually cringed once the laughing had subsided.

Radio host Nick Ferrari tried to quiz Diane Abbott on Labour’s new plans for policing
Radio host Nick Ferrari tried to quiz Diane Abbott on Labour’s new plans for policing – LBC

And the great thing is that this sort of stuff has become an almost daily event.

Corbyn’s deadbeats and drongos — what is left of the once great Parliamentary Labour Party — wander into radio and TV studios.

They sit before the microphones. And then reveal they have all the penetrating intelligence of a block of Spam.

You might have forgotten, for example, the brilliance of Dawn Butler MP — until recently the Shadow Minister for Diverse Communities (i.e. London).

She did an interview in which she just repeated, endlessly, that the Tories had “rigged” this ­election. Didn’t say how or why, or indeed why Labour had immediately welcomed the election.

Again, guffaws all round. Hilarious. The same hilarity that greets Jeremy Corbyn whenever he opens his mouth.

You’ve got to say, it’s entertaining. An entire front bench who make Joey Essex resemble Einstein. And so we laugh.

But how hard would we be ­laughing if these people won the election?

Because they are not just funny. They are also dangerous — and, more to the point, nasty, unpleasant people.

Take Abbott as an example. She plays the race card at every available opportunity.

She hates what Britain stands for. She described people who voted Leave last June as, effectively, racists.

Oh, and she’s a hypocrite, too. Sent her kid to a private school when she is supposedly opposed to private schools.

Jeremy Corbyn
There is a real malevolence in Jeremy Corbyn and not just incompetence, says Rod Liddle – EPA

Would object if YOU sent your kid there. But it’s OK for her.

Or there’s posh-born Emily ­Thornberry, hilariously the Shadow Foreign Secretary.

She thinks that ordinary working-class people who display the cross of St George are racist.

A hypocrite two times over, as well. Objects to selective schools — but sends her kid to one miles away from where she lives.

Objects to councils and housing associations selling off property — but bought some for herself.

Or the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell. A Marxist.

Demanded that IRA terrorists should be honoured by the Government. Opposed the Good Friday Agreement which brought peace in Northern Ireland.

Was considered too manically left-wing — by KEN ­LIVINGSTONE. How left-wing do you have to be to get that sort of accolade? How deranged?

And then there’s the Great Leader himself. Corbs old Compo.

People think he’s sincere. And yes, he is. Sincerely unpleasant.

Supports the anti-Semitic jihadi terrorists of Hezbollah and Hamas. Supports the vicious Communist dictatorship in Cuba.

Loathes our country, our ­wonderful history. Another supporter of the IRA.

You think because he has a beard and looks a bit dishevelled he’s actually NICE?

This is the thing. We can all laugh at them now, but imagine if they won.

There is a real malevolence in these people — and their utter incompetence is the very least of it.

-The Sun

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