Viral video – Screaming leftist can’t handle Trump supporters

A typical leftist student goes INSANE at dual-sided Trump/Repent sign
Albert Jack's Mysterious World

A video is making the rounds on social media showing a female college student screaming at a man holding a dual-sided pro-Trump sign.

One side reads: “Trump. Borders, Law, Jobs, Liberty. USA.” The other side of the sign, as can be seen in the video, reads: “Jesus Judges you. Repent or Perish.” Each sign is accompanied by verses from the Bible.

The woman begins screaming, as well as taking items out of her purse and smashing them into the ground.

Two women approach her to ask if she needs help, to which the screaming protester calmly responds that she’s fine, before going right back to her screeching and bellowing. Later in the video, the woman seems to scream the word “art.”

There are certain circumstances in which commentary becomes meaningless. This is one of those circumstances. Just watch and be awestruck by the intense stupidity.

-Daily Wire

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