Brexit support now reaches 68%

The number of EU nationals leaving the UK is at its highest level for nearly 10 years, with departures reaching 122,000 to the end of March.
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The latest poll by YouGov has revealed that the 52% of British voters in favour of leaving the EU has now risen to a huge 68%.

This means that if the referendum were to be held again, as some ‘remain’ supporters insist is necessary, then the result now would be emphatically in favour of EU withdrawal.

This sizable shift can be put down to the spiteful and aggressive behavior of remain supporters after the original referendum.

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The hateful, snarling rhetoric from the likes of Alistair Campbell and Tony Blair towards leave voters has caused many more people to distance themselves from their cause as it has drawn towards them.

Leave voters should also thank the likes of the hapless Diane Abbot, who currently occupies a position of Shadow Home Secretary for the Labour opposition party, where she demonstrates, on a daily basis, her unique lack of qualification for a job on a park bench let alone a Front Bench.

It was Abbot who smeared Brexit voters as racist at every opportunity, persuading decent people, who may have been otherwise ‘on the fence,’ to move firmly towards the Brexit camp.

This is not unusual. When confronted with the behavior seen, for example, by students (who didn’t bother to vote) loudly and rudely blaming an older generation for ‘ruining their futures’ by voting to leave, then normal people will simply disassociate themselves with ‘that lot.’

I am a good example of this myself. As far as the EU referendum went I was open minded. I happen to believe Britain is a big, strong country with a lot of clever people in it, outside Westminster – obviously.

I thought then, as I do now, that Britain will be ok either way. We would be fine as a nation inside the EU and just fine as a nation trading alone. Europe, I felt, had more to lose with a Brexit result than the British people did.

It was the behaviour of Remainers that secured my vote. As the hateful rhetoric grew and the threats & insults from the likes of Nick Clegg and David Cameron intensified towards those who were inclined to leave, the more I didn’t want to be associated with them.

My position, come polling day, was ‘whatever these people are in favour of, I am against it.’ Regardless of the issues in question there was no way I was voting for whatever Clegg, Cameron, Blair, Campbell or Abbot were bullying me towards.

And, I suspect, many more people did the same thing. Perhaps even enough to swing the vote against them in the end, which would be a lovely thought.

The same thing happened in America. The more abusive and aggressive Hillary Clinton and the Democrats became the more decent, hardworking people became Trump voters. They simply couldn’t identify with Leftist behaviour.

And I believe the same thing has been happening since the referendum. The more the remain voters bleat on about the result in 2016 being unfair and demands of a second referendum grew, the more decent people have been repelled by these ugly creatures.

Hence the 68% who now disassociate themselves from a dwindling group of bullies and ranters who now, quite rightly, find themselves in a shrinking minority.

And yet they still fail to learn. In the run up to the 2017 General Election Labour, the Lib Dems and the SNP are all still protesting the Brexit result and still hindering the leave process.

They may well find themselves part of an even smaller minority come polling day on June 8.

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