Video – Is any musician safe from radical Islam

'Only Gay men play musical instruments,' preaches this shining example of 21st Century Islam
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In a YouTube clip exposing the sinister depth of some Islamic teachings, one Imam has been secretly filmed preaching to his audience that all male musicians are homosexual.

It what may be dismissed as the irresponsible rantings of a mentally unstable mullah, some suggest that his message could be taken as a deliberate call to action for many impressionable followers.

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Islam is clear in its prohibition of homosexual acts. Islamic scholars cite these reasons for condemning homosexuality, based on teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah:

  • It clashes with the “natural” order in which God created human beings
  • It brings destruction of the family and the institutions of marriage
  • It leads people to ignore God’s guidance in other areas of life –

Preaching such as this (below) present a clear danger to ANY male musician who could find themselves the victim of a hate crime simply for being a guitarist or piano player, because this Islamic preacher regards that as evidence of homosexuality.

This clip is an obvious example of the danger western society faces from the religion of hate and death and let there be no misunderstanding, this sort of thing goes on at every level, every day, in mosques throughout the civilized world.


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