The Anti-Trump Hate Map

Supporters of the President of the United States are being attacked all across their own country
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Violent thugs on the left of American politics have been stepping up their violent attacks on President Donald Trump’s supporters.


A group of Conservative activists have produced an interactive map detailing over two-hundred criminal assaults and attacks on law abiding Donald Trump supporters who have been targeted simply for political reasons in America.

All cases included have been researched and officially documented and are not made up of hysterical claims, lies and finger-pointing that have become standard practice in some American political forums in modern times.

‘Each marker on the map shows the location of an anti-Trump hate crime. Clicking on a marker opens a brief overview of the case. Red markers signify violent crimes; blue markers, property crimes; purple markers, ‘other’ crimes,’ American Renaissance says.

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‘You can find additional information about incidents by visiting this page and selecting the ‘Excel File’ tab. By using the blue ‘Filter’ drop-down menu, you can search and sort incidents by such things as location, type of offense, offender and victim race and sex, or in any combination.’

They continued, ‘we have included the contact information for the police department with jurisdiction over each incident, so if you have any information about a case, we urge you to contact the authorities.’

Map of attacks on Trump supporters

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