London Mayor calls moderate Muslims ‘Uncle Toms’

Racist mayor Khan use the term 'Uncle Tom' during a 2009 TV interview
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The beleaguered Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is under fire again as a video has emerged of comments he made during an 2009 interview with the Iranian-backed Press TV, during which Khan refers to moderate Muslims as ‘Uncle Toms’ – a racial slur applied to black people accused of being subservient to whites.

‘The point is, you can’t just pick and choose who who you speak to,’ Mr Khan says.

‘You can’t just speak to Uncle Toms. You can’t just speak to people who will say what you want them to hear.’

Conservative MPs were quick to say that Mr Khan’s comments show he is not fit to Mayor of London.

‘Sadiq Khan has shown he doesn’t have the judgment to be Mayor of London,’ Paul Scully, MP for Sutton and Cheap, told MailOnline.

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‘He’s deeply hypocritical on race issue when it suits his political purpose. Labour must show they won’t put up with attitudes like this in the party.’

Challenged about 2009 the comments in interviews today, Mr Khan said: ‘It is (a racial slur) and I regret using that phrase.

‘The context was me trying to encourage everyone to get involved in government consultations.’

He told ITV News London. ‘I was a minister at the time. It was wrong and I regret it.’

Speaking on LBC he said: ‘I regret using the phrase and I am sorry.

‘The point I was trying to make was that I wanted to talk to anyone.’

Khan himself then claimed victim status by suggested that he himself might have been a target for the slur, pointing out that there were protests outside his local mosque when he first stood for parliament. – Albert Jack

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