10,000 expected for Muslim peace march in Cologne, 200 turn up

Tens of thousands didn't show up for a Muslim peace march in Cologne at the weekend
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A well publicized anti-terror Muslim peace march in Cologne on Saturday (June 17) went off as expected, although not quite as the organisers had hoped.

The march, using the slogan ‘Not With Us’, was planned by prominent Muslim public figures in the German city including Lamya Kaddor, an Islamic scholar and author, and Tarek Mohamad, a Muslim peace activist.

The event was also supported by a number of major German Muslim associations, including the Central Council of Muslims in Germany (ZMD) and the German Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

However, to the surprise of nobody else, the size of the crowd at the starting point was estimated by police at ‘between 200-300 people of mixed faith’ as Muslims could not be tempted away from robbing, raping and standing around at the Town Hall demanding a hand-out for long enough to attend themselves.

Despite this the German rag Der Spiegel reported that the organizers claimed the number of participants to be between 3,000 and 3,500.

The police later confirmed that numbers may have increased to ‘just under 1000’ as the march progressed, although most of those were curious onlookers and business owners making sure their doors were bolted.

Although barely reported in the German media, the smaller number of rally participants did not escape attention of German politicians. “I find it regrettable that more journalists and police officers arrived today [in central Cologne] than demonstrators,” Michael Groschek, the head of the German Social Democratic Party, told Focus magazine before admitting that he wasn’t there either.

A formidable show of force by heavily equipped riot police was over optimistic and all the German media would say was that the march was ‘calm and peaceful,’ as if any further proof that migrants were not present was needed.

The demonstrators who did turn up marched through the central Cologne, holding placards and banners that read: “We say NO to right-wing extremism, racism, anti-Semitism, Salafism/Sharia police and Islamophobia,”“We want peace” and “Muslims want to live in peace with Christians” as well as “Muslims are not to blame” and “Hate turns Earth into hell.”

However, these placards were all being carried by Liberal Westerners who appeared not to notice how foolish they looked.

Despite their embarrassment, rally organizers declared the march a success.

Kaddor told both of her followers that she hopes they had managed to “make at least a small but visible signal demonstrating that Muslims are against violence and terror.”She then gave one of them back to his carer before untying the other’

Nobody had the heart to point out that she had achieved the polar opposite.

Kaddor also said that the event in Cologne was “just the beginning” and announced that similar events under the slogan, “Not with us,” would be held in other German cities, including Berlin.

She also called on the German Muslim community to unite and “self-organize.”

She might have also pointed out that the ‘Not With Us’ part of her slogan should not be taken so literally in future.

Good luck with the next one in Berlin – Albert Jack

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