The Slow Death of Europe – How the West began a fightback

Cities like Dubai will become abandoned when new energy sources are developed

The Slow Death of Europe is a novel originally written in 2013 by Albert Jack and published as New World Order & Last Man in London.

The original text chillingly predicting many of the great events between 2013 & 2017, such as the election of Donald Trump, the suicide attacks in Europe and the first calls for the banning of Islam.

Now re-released the story is set thirty-years ahead of time and describes The Slow Death of Europe, explains why and, more importantly, what happens next.

Extract 2 – How the fight back against Islam and the Middle East began


George had spent most of the previous night pacing around his apartment whilst one half of the Complex worked and the other half slept. He had been appalled at the state of the old-world he had read about in Edgar’s laptop files.

It was an entirely different place to the one he was familiar with and, although there were still some reports of war in the Middle East, the population in the entire area was now so small as to pose no threat to anybody outside their own region. Will had even been on holiday there and taken tours of the great uninhabited cities.

He had told George all about Dubai and how that once major metropolis had fallen into decline as soon as western scientists had developed hydrogen energy and refined their nuclear power stations. It had meant the demand for oil, the old fossil fuel that was once so important to the Middle East, had fallen to nothing.

The West no longer needed to trade with the Arabs and as the religious violence increased there, during 2017, people simply stopped travelling to the area.

Westerners were not interested in their medieval laws which insisted women tourists covered their heads, were not allowed to drive and were prohibited from even holding hands with somebody they were not married to, let alone share a hotel room with.

Western cash rapidly ceased to go in the direction of the Middle East and many of the great cities began to decay.

Then the virus ripped through the population and, as the generations passed, entire regions of the Middle East were de-populating at a rate faster than that of even the Western Empire.

Will had told him about Saudi Arabia, a once powerful and wealthy country inhabited by princes and dynasties who caught the virus and slowly died out. Young men grew old and left no further legacy behind them.

Thirty million oil rich princes were reduced to around fifty thousand within two generations. After Incorporation the Main Board had imposed a trading ban on the complete area, declaring it ‘irrelevant’ to the future of the West.

Historically the Arab communities had been rich with culture and invention. It had been industrious and, for many centuries, the centre of the trade around the known world.

But it had always been a mystery to European people. Its complicated tribalism had been outgrown by Europeans five hundred years earlier and yet its religious, clannish divisions remained at the heart of Middle Eastern Culture.

For the most part this was respected by its trading partners, or at least tolerated. But the enforced creation of a State of Israel, a Christian nation located in the centre of a Muslim dominated continent, began conflicts over land tenure during the second half of the 20th century.

Such disputes were usually manageable through diplomatic negotiation, and occasional war, but with the emergence of Islamic Extremism during the final years of that century, and the early decades of the following one, they became harder to resolve peacefully, especially after Iran had developed nuclear weapons. God, it appeared, had not been negotiable for either side.

George had also read a feature article on Edgar’s laptop claiming that during the five thousand years before Incorporation over 14,500 wars had been fought around the world and 3.5 billion people had lost their lives. With each new generation there had been a new weapon of mass destruction.

The arms race had been going on since the dawn of Mankind. Once upon a time simple folk threw sticks and stones at each other. Eventually it became possible to wipe out an entire population with one fingernail and the flick of a switch. At the time of Incorporation the Americans had 39 vast military installations around the world.

At the height of the British Empire in 1890 they had about 37 big and powerful bases. The Romans had thirty six during their time as a major power. That seemed to be about the number required for any Empire to rule the world.

It is true of all cultures and cults that the wealthiest or the strongest would emerge as the natural leaders and society had been evolving, once again, in this fashion.

To the East the religious extremists were winning their battles for power and influence through the use of violence and intimidation and in the West, members of the Bilderberg Group had been dominating societies by using their wealth to structure a system of governance in their own image, for their own interests.

Many believed they planned and carried out, or at least staged, terrorist attacks within their own Western communities as a means of creating abject fear and subservience.

Whether this was true or not mattered little as frightened people are easily controlled with the simple guarantee of protection. The leaders of every civilisation, throughout history, had repeated the same tactic.

But, with Western Governments running out of funds and turning to the Bilderberg controlled banks for the money they needed for their defence programs, the wealthiest individuals were able to tighten their grip. It was estimated that by the end of the year 2020 of the Old Calendar 95% of the wealth in the West would be controlled by as few as 5% of the people.

Anti Bilderberg Group demonstrations began to appear all across the Western Empire but the Bilderberg sponsored state governments were able to pin them down wherever they emerged. Internet news feeds were monitored, censored and finally closed down. Television feeds were carefully biased and newsprint became propaganda material.

The problem, the Corporation had identified, was that followers of Islam had not only moved themselves to the West, but they had attempted to move the East to the West with them.

It began with minor changes. Food laws were introduced, then the primary language in some schools was changed from English, religion in schools was promoted once more.

Christian festivals such as Easter or the Nativity Scene were banned for fear of causing offence. Western values, which had been fought for and established over centuries, were being eroded in just a few generations by elected politicians.

They were being given away, without a fight, by men clearly incapable of producing a single original thought between them. It was the beginning of the end of western democracy. It would lead to the end of government by amateur businessmen.

But what was the alternative? An oppressed society living in militarized, totalitarian states, such as Stalin and Hitler had once advocated and failed with.

Was it to be a life in fear of the whip or the gun, or a free society of happy citizens who loved their own culture enough to be prepared to fight for it, and preserve it, from total destruction at the hands of Islam and its committed ideology?

The dilemma for the members of the Bilderberg Group was that they were being blamed for the financial collapse of the banking system in the West. Some even went as far as to suggest they deliberately engineered it in a bid to bankrupt governments and then ask for the keys to be handed over.

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The Slow Death of Europe

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