Machete wielding man arrested at Justin Bieber concert in Cardiff

Moment police bundle 'machete-wielding man' to the ground as two are arrested near Cardiff stadium where Justin Bieber will play in just three hours
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A man wielding a machete has been arrested outside the Principality Stadium in Cardiff ahead of a Justin Beiber concert.

A clip of the incident has stared circulating social media networks. It is unclear at this stage if anybody has been hurt during the alleged attack.

George Petrov, a 23-year-old waiter who lives and works in Cardiff witnessed the alleged attack attempt when he was serving customers in a central hotel, close to the Principality Stadium and Cardiff Central train station.

He said,’I was walking and I saw a security guy pull the person from the car. He was holding a machete inside the car. The security guys saw him and stopped him. They pulled him out of the car and started hitting him.’ the 23-year-old Cardiff local told Unilad.

George also claims he saw the man earlier painting the faces of crowds who had gathered in the Welsh capital to see Justin Bieber’s Purpose tour.

George also said he had been ‘terrified’ by the scenes but praised the police response, claiming they were on the scene in ‘about 20 seconds’.

South Wales Police said: ‘We were called to a dispute involving motorists on Saunders Road, Cardiff, at approximately 3.05pm.

The Daily Mail reported that ‘two men, aged 19 and 27, were arrested nearby on Penarth Road on suspicion of carrying an offensive weapon. Both are currently in custody at Cardiff Bay Police Station.’  – Story developing

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