Mindless Antifa cheering speech made up of Hitler quotes

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Anti Donald Trump protestors and self-styled Antifa activists remind us how little notice we should all take of them in a moment caught on film this weekend.

At a speaker’s corner one lad takes on the microphone and delivers a short speech consisting entirely of obvious fascists quotes made by Adolf Hitler during the 1930’s.

But the Snowflakes neither know nor care. They are quite happy to cheer along and applaud lines including the call for ‘every homeowner to consider himself appointed by the State.’

Cue the shouts and cheers because… well, because somebody else is, that’s all.

Please watch the video and keep reminding ourselves of the know-nothing generation that follows and perhaps consider both the education system and the likes of CNN who, quite simply, have been lying to impressionable youngsters for years.

And this is the result of that. – Albert Jack

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