Danish MEP wants out of the ‘EU Loser Club’

MEP Morten Messerschmidt has said Denmark should leave the European Union - GETTY
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A Danish MEP has dismissed the European Union as a ‘losers club’ and said that his country should no longer be part of it.

Politician Morten Messerschmidt, who is a member of the Danish People’s Party (DF) and has a seat at the European Parliament, insisted Denmark should leave the bloc within the next five years.

He told Danish publication, Børsen, that as soon as the Brexit dust has settled ‘we will see what the alternative to EU cooperation is.’

Mr Messerschmidt added: ‘Then we can ask the Danes if the alternative would not be more attractive than being part of the loser club, which the EU is.’

The British government and the EU are now negotiating how the UK will exit the union and other European nations are now waiting to consider the outcome.

Mr Messerschmidt said it is ‘not unrealistic’ that Denmark could make new trade deals with Britain, Norway, Switzerland and other countries who are not members of the EU.

He wrote in a comment article: ‘As a non-euro, NATO and free-trade oriented country, we have a lot in common with the British.’

Mr Messerschmidt’s comments echo those of fellow eurosceptic Pernille Vermund who believes that Brexit will pave the way for Denmark to follow.

The New Right party chief said: ‘I hope Danes will get a referendum. I think many Danes are closely watching what is happening with Brexit. If Theresa May, who I have great expectations for, can get good deals, I’m sure Danes will feel more secure in regards to a referendum on a membership we entered alongside Great Britain.’

It is clear other EU nations are lining up to consider their own version of Brexit, possible starting with Dexit

No stranger to having his facts right Messerschmidt was convicted, in 2002, for publishing material that attempted to link Islamic societies to rape, violence against women and forced marriages.

– Albert Jack

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