Video: Girl describes life under brutal North Korean regime

Yeonmi Park escaped from North Korea after a childhood of hate and fear
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Yeonmi Park was born and grew up in North Korea. Her shocking story and brave escape was brought to world attention in 2014. Now the 23-year old is a tireless campaigner for the freedom of the North Korean people.

Like many defectors the first thing park was surprised to find out that the United States of America are NOT at war with North Korea.

For generations the runt nation’s rulers had been pumping out propaganda on a daily basis warning citizens of the great Evil Empire and how only their leaders could save them from the devil.

Video – North Koreans think they are at war with America, and winning

Yeonmi Park gave this emotional speech at the One Young World Summit in 2014 and it’s pretty incredible.

With nearly 100 million views world-wide you may have seen this clip before. Even so it is worth reminding ourselves that places like North Korea still exist in this modern world and that the time to do something about it is rapidly approaching.

As a child Park was witness to her mother’s rape and saw her best friend’s mother killed for the crime of watching a Hollywood movie.

As a brave teenager, and after the death of her father, Park manage to cross the Gobi Desert and escape to freedom.

Yeonmi now dedicates her life to the struggle of freeing her fellow North Koreans. – Albert Jack

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