Video: Furious Germans finally turning against Islamic immigration policies

LEGIDA, Leipzig arm of Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) - Reuters
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A video clip has been released taken during a public meeting at a German Town Hall, which reveals the new reality of life facing German citizens across the country.

During the tense exchange the town leaders break the news to angry citizens that the concept of national sovereignty and controlled borders are no longer the priority of the German government.

It appears, from the reaction, that the German people are slowly realising the national sense of identity, that has kept hem safe in the past, no longer exists and their government is no longer motivated to protect the interests of their families and loved ones.

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Grandfather: My granddaughter, she’s under ten – and it also happened in a nearby town.

Citizen: That’s right!

Grandfather: The girls have been harassed by the ‘refugee children’ … the asylum seekers … and they get harassed from the windows of the shelter and things like that. How will this be in the summer, when the school girls wear less clothing?

Mayor: That’s easy. Just don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas.

(Audience uproar): In your own country! You can’t even walk in your own city anymore! Oh boy! In your own city! Yeah! Let’s all keep a one meter distance! So easy! You’re not allowed to walk in your own city anymore! Go home, boy! Who the hell elected you? They come here and we’re not allowed to walk here anymore?! Boy, oh boy, you’ve got some nerve. What kind of mayor is this? He should step down!”

During an angry outburst caused by the bureaucrat’s increasingly disinterested response, the mayor seems momentarily at a loss. The shouting continues: “You don’t even have excuses left!”

At this point the mayor attempts to create the atmosphere of a servile classroom full of students who have no choice but to listen and then do as they are told.

The grandfather again begins speaking: “I have already thought…,” but is interrupted by the mayor adjuring the meeting to “calm down. Please stay calm.”

The man however continues speaking: “I have already thought about moving to another part of town…”

Mayor: Sit down, please.

Grandfather: My grandchildren are supposed to go to school here! This is the way it is?

Mayor: Well, it’s technically not necessary for the girls to walk there. There are alternative routes for going to school.

At which point chaos again resurfaces as meeting participants begin to understand the mayor has no interest in their safety or concerns.

“It doesn’t matter if there are other routes! We can’t let our children go over Bernsbach [a much longer route -MS]. This is our evening here?”

Mayor: Please calm down. [Unintelligible shouting]. Calm down. Am I speaking Chinese? Am I speaking Chinese?

Citizen: Yes! This is Germany!

The audience is riled and continue to interrupt the mayor, who the appears to defend the rape epidemic caused by Islamic migrants throughout the country.

‘Do you think this rape doesn’t exist among Germans?’

Citizen: That has nothing to do with this! Germans go to prison for this! But the perverts – they don’t go to prison!’

The atmosphere across germany is clearly beginning to simmer into a hatred towards immigrants and those who have enabled their free movement across the country.

And we all know what happened the last time feelings among the German people towards their neighbours ran high as this.

-Albert Jack

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