Hamburg attacker turns out to be so-called refugee – Surprised?

The Third World invader then headed towards a metro station in an attempt to continue his rampage.
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Imagine our surprise as it turns out the Hamburg supermarket attack yesterday, that German police tried to deflect as a ‘robbery gone wrong’ was carried out by a 26-year old United Arab Emirates national.

After spending two-years pretending to be a refugee, and living off the German taxpayer, the man named only as Ahmed A suddenly launched a frenzied knife attack at a Hamburg supermarket in the Barmbek district of the north German city.

He killed one man, aged 50, on the scene, and severely wounded another four whilst screaming Allah Akbar.

He then ran towards a metro station in an attempt to continue his carnage but was chased and tackled to the ground by eye witnesses, including an off-duty police officer.

Despite two separate eye witnesses telling reporters the man was shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ as he slashed his victims, German police initially dismissed that evidence as ‘unconfirmed.’

According to the Tagesspiegel newspaper, the attacker was ‘already known to security services as an Islamist,’ and yet neither been monitored or detained. The newspaper also reported the man was wearing religious clothing during the attack and claimed his family are Palestinian.

The Islamist flith had slipped into Germany in 2015 pretending to be a Syrian refugee.

Knife attacks have been encouraged by ISIS and other Islamists as an easy way of killing white people, who are described as ‘citizens of Crusader states.’

Six million more Islamists are waiting in holding areas around north Africa and the Middle-East, to cross the Mediterranean Sea and joining their fellow crusaders in Europe.

-Albert Jack

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