North Korea can now hit America, boasts Kim Jong Un

North Korea's latest ICBM could reportedly strike many major US cities
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Kim Jong-un boasts North Korea’s missiles ‘can hit ALL of the USA’ in threat to Donald Trump

KIM Jong-un has said his regime’s intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) are capable of striking cities in the mainland US, putting millions of people under North Korea’s shadow.

The tyrant claimed Friday’s launch, which landed in the waters of Japan’s exclusive economic zone, was a “stern warning” to the US that it would not be safe from destruction if President Donald Trump tried to launch an attack.

But now a top US physicist has calculated the terrifying full range of Kim’s nuclear missiles.

According to physicist David Wright, Co-Director of the Union of Concerned Scientist’s Global Security Program, if the missile is successfully launched, it could have a potential maximum range of 6,500 miles (10,400km).

Donald Trump denounced the missile launch by Kim’s regime – Reuters

This would put cities such as Los Angeles, Denver and Chicago within the missile’s strike zone.

Population centres such as New York and Boston could also be under threat, but the rotation of the earth would mean the capital Washington DC would not be at risk of a direct hit.

The US confirmed Pyongyang launched a long range missile which travelled more than 600 miles (1,000km) before coming down in the Sea of Japan.

Yonhap news agency said the missile reached an altitude of about 2,299 miles.

But Mr Wright added the distance could vary depending on the weight of the ICBM.

In a blog post, he wrote: “It is important to keep in mind that we do not know the mass of the payload the missile carried on this test.

“If it was lighter than the actual warhead the missile would carry, the ranges would be shorter than those estimated above.”

The launch, carried out on Friday afternoon, puts Kim Jong-un’s regime one step closer to a confrontation with the US.

Washington and its ally South Korea carried out a retaliatory “live-fire” exercise just hours after the launch, which came just one day after the 64th anniversary of the armistice that ended the Korean War.

And US President Donald Trump said the missile launch “is only the latest reckless and dangerous action” by the hermit kingdom.

The launch marked the 64th anniversary of the Korean War armistice – Getty

Last week CIA director Mike Pompeo said the Trump administration needed to find a way to separate Kim Jong-un from his growing nuclear stockpile.

Mr Pompeo said: “As for the regime, I am hopeful we will find a way to separate that regime from this system.

“The North Korean people I’m sure are lovely people and would love to see him go.” – Express

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