Macron’s approval ratings go through the floor

Emmanuel Macron’s poll rating has dropped to a new low as his popularity evaporates
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EMMANUEL Macron’s approval rating has plunged to a new low, with only a little more than one-third of French voters saying they approve of the new French President’s performance, according to a new poll.

Mr Macron’s popularity rating slumped by seven percentage points in July to 36 per cent, according to the YouGov poll published today for the Huffington Post France and CNews.

Almost half of French voters polled – 49 per cent – said that they “disapprove” of the job he’s doing as president.

To add insult to injury, the new president is now slightly less popular than his conservative prime minister, right-winger Edouard Philippe. Of those polled, 37 per cent said Mr Philippe was doing a “good job” as Mr Macron’s right-hand man.

Mr Macron’s initial popularity appears to be waning, with international relations strained. The Italian government turned on the young centrist for putting the interests of France over those of the EU, despite appearing to tout more integration within Brussels.

Mr Macron scrapped a deal his predecessor Francois Hollande made with Italy, allowing it to take control of the STX shipyard in western France. In a protectionist move, Mr Macron said Italy could only run the manufacturing business 50-50 with France.

France’s youngest president has also been blasted for undermining Italy by entering talks with Libyan leaders to try and solve the migrant crisis. Rome was not invited despite having colonial links to the country and being one of the main destinations for migrants crossing the Mediterranean.

Mr Macron was also embarrassed when Wikileaks released a bundle of emails from the president and his advisors last week.

Emmanuel Macron protest

Just one-third of French voters are pleased with the job he has done so far

And he has been accused of ignoring his core supporters, with one local campaign organiser, Benoit Menard, telling France 24 the En Marche campaigners who got him into the Élysée Palace, was not consulting them on policies.

Just one third of voters have a favourable opinion of Mr Macron, according to the poll which questioned 1,003 registered French voters between July 26 and July 27.

And only 32 per cent of those interviewed believe the new president will be able to “moralise” public life and end nepotism and conflicts of interest in politics, one of his flagship campaign promises.

Nearly one in two voters – 49 per cent – said that Macron’s government was ready to take unpopular decisions in an effort to “put the country back on track”.

Unemployment, according to the poll, remains the top issue for French people (25 per cent), followed by immigration (15 per cent) and social protection (14 per cent). – Express

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  • No surprises here. The election was rigged anyway.