Cambridge University ‘Equality Head’ is an ugly racist

Poorly educated, ill disciplined, badly brought up racist
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There shall be no more tolerating, empathising with, showing sensitivity towards or excusing the lunatic Liberal left that has infected society and produced a generation of unemployable graduates.

In other places you will find the above headline reading something like, ‘Cambridge student reveals racist insults,’ or ‘Equality head fears white backlash.’

It should read, ‘Idiot racist student banned from Cambridge University for encouraging violence towards white people.’

Last month, during the ugly ‘Black Lives’ led riots in Dalston, London the President of Cambridge University student union’s Black and Minority Ethnic campaign, Jason Osamede Okundaye, tweeted the following.

“ALL white people are racist. White middle class, white working class, white men, white women, white gays, white children they can ALL geddit”

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Okundaye had more to say during the riots, in which both police and ordinary members of the public were targeted; “Just catching up on the rioting, excellent stuff, smash everything #NoJusticeNoPeace”

Fortunately nobody follows this fool and so his words had limited reach. However, his incitement to violence did not go entirely unnoticed. Many observers saw his message as a clear incitement to racial violence.

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There were other thoughtful and intelligent observations questioning his role as the head of an important university ‘equality group.’

As expected Mr Osamede Okundaye immediately played the race and sexuality card in his own defence. Commenting in the left-liberal Guardian Newspaper Okundaye whined, ‘that critics had ‘misconstrued the meaning’ of his words, and taken them out of their ‘proper context.’

He claimed that he was simply ‘observing that racial prejudice, where it exists, transcends gender, class, sexuality and age.’ And then, of course, he added, ‘My experiences as a black gay man facing racism from white gay men have taught me this.’

He then insisting that his critics are making allegations that ‘I believe all individual white people ‘are racist’, insinuating that I support violence against white people because of this.’

And as a nice little note to finish with he claimed he had received ‘death threats, rape threats and racist insults from white people in response to his original tweets.

As the good little Liberal victim he will grow up to be one day he concluded with: ‘The events of last weekend have highlighted the dangers of speaking out, but, more significantly, the importance of speaking up for social justice, particularly from the perspective of a minority. … Without challenge and diversity of thought, there can be no progress.’

That’s right folks, none of it was his fault, there are no consequences to worry about, the white people are to be blamed for everything and now, I imagine, he is expecting another healthy British taxpayer grant to aid either his education or his racist organisation.

In one single example here Osamede Okundaye represents everything that is wrong in universities, the attitudes of his generation and the growing racism decent, ordinary folk are having to face daily.

It is only by highlighting these day to day events that we can encourage students not to be influenced by people like this and instead to remember that on the day they complete their education there is a real world waiting for them, with other people in it, consequences and competition for places where only the winners receive medals.

There are no prizes for taking part in real life. Think about that kids, and consign the likes of Jason Osamede Okundaye and his left wing, racist troublemakers to the obscurity and unemployment that is waiting for them. Any day soon.

-Albert Jack

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