Pumpkinhead has always been spoilt, aggressive and unpredictable

Kim Jong Un has appeared unstable and aggressive since he was a teenager

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had already revealed his ugly temper as a teenager in Switzerland, which is an important factor behind the North Korea’s current provocations, an expert said. 

Nam Seong-wook, professor of Korean Unification, Diplomacy and Security at Korea University, presented his findings on Kim’s personality at the Liberty Korea Party general meeting on Wednesday.

Nam, during his time at the Institute for National Security Strategy, carried out extensive research on the North Korean tin-pot despot.

Before he inherited the leadership from his father, in 2008, INSS dispatched a special task force to Osaka and Bern in order to track down the heir-to-be and learn about his personality.

This picture shows a young Kim Jong-un at his school in Bern. (Yonhap)

Nam claimed Kim regularly displayed an uncontrollable temper and this is likely to have something to do with North Korea’s recent provocative behaviour.

He has warned that hostile, aggressive acts are bound to continue unless Kim is removed from power.

Nam introduced an anecdote about the then 15-year-old Kim when he was studying in Bern, Switzerland.

‘I was very shocked to hear how Kim screamed and swore at his girlfriend when she asked him to stop smoking,’ he recalled. ‘The rough manner he displayed then made us realise how complicated things could be once he became the ‘king’ of the nation.’

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