Disgraced Hollywood actor blames Donald Trump for his viral outburst in Thailand

Geoffrey Giuliano lashed out at Thai customers at supermarket in Pattaya

Idiot, left-wing, Hollywood actor Geoffrey Giuliano was shamed last week after a video clip of a bizarre, threatening outburst in Thailand went viral.

The bit part actor, who played forgettable roles in a couple of movies, that we can’t be bothered to list, was caught on camera ranting at Thai customers in a supermarket who were filming him queue jumping;

‘You’re not intimidating me by that camera, I’m an actor. Go f*** yourself, OK. Go f*** yourself, OK, let’s get it real straight. You can go f*** yourself, OK.’


‘I’m an American, I do what I want, we’re the kings of the world, OK.’

The shameful clip soon went viral after being posted on local social media and then being picked up by British newspapers.

Now, he has responded by blaming U.S. President Donald Trump and claiming his vile ranting at Thai people was not the problem.

The real problem is that an outpouring of criticism, sent in his direction, is the result of the way America is now perceived around the world since Donald ‘pussy-grabber’ Trump became president.

That’s right folks. In typical left-wing, Hollywood, dick-head fashion, Giuliano’s shameful behaviour is not his own responsibility at all, it is Donald Trump’s.

The irony of that, of course, is lost on Giuliano because he is an idiot. In fact it is Liberals like him that that led to Donald Trump’s election in the first place and people like him are the reason Americans are so despised in some parts of the world.

Watch this liberal lunatic explain himself here;


Hey Hollywood, who cares what you think – just dance bitch

‘I’m American, I do what I want’ Actor shames himself in Pattaya

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