French mayor makes a stand against Muslim free-food demands

Mayor Marcel Berthomé told Muslims that if they don't like the food they can bring their own, just like everybody else does

A group of Muslims recently demanded that their children be given special privilege by ordering the local school to ban pork products for all children and only offer halal meals.

However, as soon as the mayor heard about their ultimatum, he responded with a counter-offer that’s left the Muslim community outraged.

After years of opening the floodgates for the refugee crisis, Europe is struggling to stay afloat in the waves of Muslim migrants. Although they make up only a “tiny minority,” the Muslim migrant population is already clashing with European governments in a bid to rule over the Christian majority.

As the left continuously caves to political correctness, a select few are standing up to the relentless and utterly shameless demands of this special interest group.

The Express reports that the Muslim community in Saint-Seurin-sur-l’Isle, France, raised their voices in protest against an elementary school’s decision to do away with pork-free menu items for Muslims.

In a response to budget cuts, the school was forced to nix the expensive extra meals, prompting Muslim parents and students to demonstrate Monday morning in front of the building.

When Mayor Marcel Berthomé heard about the pompous demands, he not only decided to address the arrogant Muslims personally but also reiterated his disgust over their superiority complex. In an applause-worthy and blunt statement, Mayor Berthomé literally told the Muslims that if they don’t like it, they can leave.

Berthomé added that, unlike Muslims, the rest of the students aren’t demanding the school accommodate their personal preferences, according to France Bleu news. He added that “some do not eat pork, fish, beef, or even omelets,” but they don’t demand the school offer something else. They bring their own lunch, which is exactly what Muslim students can do to resolve their issue.

Of course, the Muslim community didn’t want a simple solution. They wanted appeasement. As such, the simple notion that Muslims should fulfill their religious demands instead of forcing the government to pay for them was enough to send their community into an entitled fit.

In addition to the ridiculous nature of their ultimatum, a spokesperson for the mayor’s office said that the uproar was only for a handful of students. He explained that no more than 15 students identify as Muslim at the school, yet the community expected the school to implement costly and burdensome features.


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This includes training staff to properly handle food so it never encounters non-halal ingredients and separate preparation and cooking of halal products. If the halal food was even accidentally “contaminated,” the school would have a devastating lawsuit on their hands.

The Quran commands Muslims to wage war against unbelievers until they bow to Islam and its laws. While history shows us that most obeyed this by conquering nations by the sword as their prophet did, the moderates are finding that political correctness gets the same results. – FlashIndex

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