Pumpkinhead tells North Koreans that America is ‘trembling in fear’

North Korea: USA has been threatened with another attack

North Korea boasts USA is ‘trembling with fear’ as Kim Jong-un warns ‘there is NO way out’

NORTH Korea has warned “there is no way out” for the USA, with Kim Jong-un mocking Washington as “trembling with fear”.

North Korea has carried out a series of provocative missile launches and nuclear tests this year and experts believe another dangerous stunt is imminent.

A new article in a propaganda newspaper will calm no nerves in Washington, Seoul and Tokyo with North Korea once again reverting to sabre-rattling and aggressive rhetoric.

The state-run media article said the situation was “turning” against America with every passing day.

The Pyongyang-based newspaper boasted: “The world political map is being changed. The situation is turning unfavourable for the US day by day. There is no proper way out.”

The ferocious article described America as “trembling with fear” and hit out at South Korea and Japan as US “chess pieces”.

The piece said it was time for America to adjust its policy towards North Korea based on their growing military and nuclear strength.

The article said: “The US should make a switchover in its policy on the basis of recognising the fundamentally changed DPRK strategic position and geographical influence.

“The changed situation calls for putting the issue of ensuring the security of the US mainland on the negotiations, not the issue of the DPRK’s nuclear deterrent.”

North Korea’s fighting talk continued with claims they “wronged the neck of the US” following a series of missile tests this year.

And the article concluded with a direct threat to attack mainland America if despot Kim loses his temper.

The piece said: “The confrontation with the DPRK can never guarantee the security of the US mainland.

“As the U.S. escalates the confrontation with the DPRK and wastes time to find out a solution, the striking capabilities of the DPRK’s strategic forces which put the whole U.S. mainland in their strike range will rapidly increase.

It comes amid warnings North Korea is preparing another provocative act in the near future.


North Korea
GETTY – North Korea has infuriated the USA with a series of missile tests and launches this year

Harry Kazianis of the Centre for the National Interest think tank said: “The North Koreans are going to continue testing nuclear weapons. They’re going to continue testing ICBMs.

“This is what countries who are building nuclear weapons programmes do. It’s what the Soviet Union did. It’s what the US did.”

He said the next ICBM test could happen in the next few days and the next nuclear test “in a few months”. – Express

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