British women creating an army of white Muslims to attack UK

Sally Jones is said to be in the Isis stronghold of Mosul in northern Iraq

Notorious British female jihadis ‘recruiting white Muslim women to attack UK’

BRITISH jihadis Sally Jones and Samantha Lewthwaite have been creating an ‘army’ of white Muslim women to attack the UK, according to spies.

Cyber experts at GCHQ are said to have intercepted dozens of encrypted messages and calls from the pair which indicate that British female Muslims are being targeted by ISIS.
Spy chiefs said Lewthwaite, who has been dubbed the “White Widow”, and Jones represent one of the most dangerous terror threats to the UK.

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It comes after the official terror threat level was raised to “critical” following the Parsons Green bomb attack in September.

It has since be lowered to “severe” which means “an attack is highly likely”.

Lewthwaite and Jones are known to have strong links with the so-called Islamic State and are believed to be masterminding plots that could devastate Europe.An intelligence document, seen by the Mail on Sunday, reveals women and children are more likely to be targeted for carrying out terrorist attacks in the West.The document states around 80 British-born women are still in Syria, with the report warning they could use false identities to return to the UK.One source told the Daily Star Sunday: “Jones and Lewthwaite are at the top of the UK’s and the US most-wanted list. They are two very dangerous, manipulative terrorists.

“The Islamic State in Syria and Iraq may be close to collapse but the war will go on and these two women are recruiting other females to their death cult.”

They added: “Both women have hallowed status in IS.

“They have huge influence and wield quite a lot of power within the male-dominated group.

“Intelligence suggests that they are now attempting to recruit in the UK and other European countries and they are targeting white converts.”In a new edition of the terrorist groups Arabic language newspaper, they told female supporters it was an “obligation” for them to wage jihad.The article read: “Today, in the context of the war against the Islamic State, it has become necessary for female Muslims to fulfil their duties on all fronts in supporting the mujahedeen in this battle.”
Sally Jones was married to 7/7 Tube Bomber Germaine Lindsay but fled Britain to join ISIS in 2013 alongside lover Junaid Hussain, taking her then-nine-year-old son JoJo with her.She is reportedly leader of the secret Anwar al-Awlaki battalion’s female wing where she is said to be responsible for training European terror recruit females.More than 850 British people have reportedly travelled to Syria and Iraq, with most going to join ISIS.Half of those are believed to have already returned to UK and while some have been prosecuted, police believe most of the others were probably not directly associated with ISIS. – Express

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