Sweden’s first tax funded harem for Muslim migrant with 3 wives and 16 children costing millions

It has become much more common for Swedish municipalities to buy private apartments to accommodate refugees.

The reason is not, as it is sometimes said, that other countries intentionally try to blackmail Sweden, but in many cases the country’s policy differs from the norm – both in comparison with other countries and with Sweden’s history.

Norwegian media also recently reported on an exotic property case in Nacka, a rich municipality in the county of Stockholm.

The municipality bought three rental apartments to receive a newly moved refugee family consisting of a 57-year-old Syrian man, his three wives and 16 children.

Since the apartments are located in one of Sweden’s most exclusive residential areas, the purchase price totaled 14 million Swedish kroner. The unusual family constellation gets about $ 100,000 a month in total contributions and benefits

It has become much more common for Swedish municipalities to buy private apartments to accommodate refugees.

Only Nacka has spent 305 million Swedish kroner since last year. The municipalities own and usually stand for the rent.

This is a temporary solution, but in practice the regulations mean that tenants can in many cases continue to live in the apartments for as long as they wish.

For the majority of refugees who do not soon find a well-paid job that allows them to buy their own, the municipalities must nevertheless provide a similar residence.

Nacka municipality defends these expensive solutions with the government forcing them to accept refugees and there is housing shortage.

However, the justice of many people is provoked by the municipalities bidding their citizens with their own taxpayers, and that a polygamous man is awarded apartments in luxury areas that people can only dream about.

It may surprise that Sweden allows polygamy marriage, but such are the rules when marriages have been entered into in other countries, before the migration.

Today there are about 300 polygamous families officially registered by the Swedish Tax Agency, and in addition, according to the media review around 130 childhood children.

That taxpayers are forced to accept and, moreover, fund polygamy is one of the challenges that must be addressed in the cooling culture of many cultures.

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