PC idiots are helping Islamic terror THRIVE in UK

FEAR: Dame Louise Casey claims fear of saying the wrong thing has hurt integration and not the beliefs of Islam

POLITICAL correctness is allowing Islamic terror to thrive by fuelling the rise of far right extremists, a new report has claimed.

Daft as a brush former Government cohesion chief, Dame Louise Casey, claims it is our FEAR of saying the wrong thing has hurt integration and created more issues.

The 52-year-old said that is is the far-Right who are creating more division in communities and not radical Islam.

Speaking at a summit of police chiefs and crime commissioners, she called for more action.

Confusingly she said: ‘Islamic extremists are often terrorists and pose the most threat, it is very difficult for us to have that conversation and to deny that seems to make it worse.’

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The far-Right milk it every time we are overtly politically correct and unable to deal with Islamic extremism.

‘Everybody saw how the Rotherham sex scandal was milked by EDL to fuel Islamophobia.’

Dame Louise seems to think the real harm done by Muslim gangs systematically pimping, raping and abusing young, vulnerable English girls has been by the EDL who ‘milked’ the scandal to gain support for their cause.

In typical Leftist fashion Casey is blaming the effect and not the cause. She also criticised the lack of debate on Islamic extremism, and called for ‘difficult conversations.’

All conversations are difficult with people like Casey who do not seem to, or refuse to, understand the growing problem of Islamization in Great Britain and Europe.

The likes of Casey are part of the problem, not the solution. She believes we are the reason Islam is failing to integrate within UK communities.

The mad dame went on to blabber, incoherently, ‘I would like to see the same team-building when we know we have Islamic extremists and people who think that wearing short skirts on a Friday night is so wrong and Westernised.’

‘It legitimises very harmful views about young women growing up in this country. And we don’t seem to be able to muster it.’

By ‘muster’ she means critically examine, presumably. But who knows.

Casey researched across two years of the summit, spending time in Britain’s least integrated communities. This included taxpayer funded trips to Bradford, Birmingham and the East End of London.

It seems to me that she should be nowhere near the debate in the first place.

It is Liberals like Casey’s reaction to Islamic terror in Europe that is leading to the rise of the Right-Wing. – Albert Jack

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