Fury as mum who encouraged UK ISIS terror attacks on Facebook group is spared jail

Evil scum smiles as she walks free from court today

A JUDGE’S decision not to jail a mum-of-five who encouraged UK terror attacks on a pro-ISIS Facebook page has been branded “outrageous”.

Tory MP Philip Davies slammed the move after a court heard Farhana Ahmed posted a “prolific quantity” of ISIS propaganda to the group called Power Strangers.

Judge Christopher Moss QC had said he was moved by the “suffering” of Ahmed’s kids and told her: “The sooner you are returned to your children, the better for all concerned.”

Tory MP Philip Davies hit out at the judge’s decision, saying: “It is completely outrageous that this woman hasn’t been jailed.

“People will rightly wonder what you have to do to be sent to prison by the courts these days.”

Ahmed, 40, set up the alias Kay Adam to post ISIS propaganda to the group’s 1,480 members between September and November 2015.

Prosecutor Ben Lloyd told the Old Bailey: “She posted a link to an extensive online library of terrorist publications and videos with images of Islamic State fighters.”

A cop who infiltrated the group found it sharing “tips” such as “How to carry out a stabbing” and bomb-making.

Ahmed’s children aged from six to 16 have been cared for by relatives while their mum was on remand.

The judge, who said he was “moved” by a letter from her eldest son, handed her a suspended jail term of two years after she pleaded guilty to encouraging terrorism and three counts of disseminating documents.

Backbencher Mr Davies had strong words for Judge Moss, who said it would be “better for all concerned” if Ahmed was returned to her children, blasting: “What kind of influence does he think this woman is having on her son?

“The chances are she will be trying to brainwash him with her vile views.”

The MP added: “The judge needs to be held to account.”

Ahmed, of Wembley, North West London, had travelled to Turkey with her husband Muhammed Burmal Karwani and their five children in November 2013.

She and the children returned to Britain while her husband stayed behind. Then when she tried to go to Turkey again in August 2015, she was turned away by authorities, the Old Bailey heard.

Mr Lloyd said: “It may be that following this, the defendant decided to begin her campaign on Facebook encouraging terrorism.”

Ahmed was a “prolific” contributor to the closed pro-ISIS Facebook group, whose name is play on kids’ superhero series Power Rangers.

Her posts, in which she expressed approval of the Paris terror attacks, attracted a large number of followers.

The prosecutor said: “It is clear from the defendant’s decision to join this group, and then by virtue of the material that she posted, that she shared the group’s ideology and aims.”

In mitigation, Hossain Zahir said she was a “good mother” and was full of remorse.

The judge said her period in custody since she was charged had already had an “extremely adverse effect on the children”.

He told Ahmed: “You have devoted your life, apart from this abhorrent behaviour, to the care of your children.

“You want nothing more than to return to your family and your family want nothing more that to return to them. They have suffered greatly by your period in custody. Your case is in an entirely exceptional category.”

As she left the dock, Ahmed acknowledged the judge and quietly said “thank you”.

The prosecution offered no evidence on two terrorism-funding charges which related to thousands of pounds sent to Ahmed’s husband, who has since been acquitted of terrorism offences in Turkey and returned to the UK. – The Sun

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