Reasons why the EU should pay Britain for Brexit divorce

Britain will leave the EU in March 2019 (Picture: PA)

The mainstream media and Euro fanatics have been loudly claiming that a consequence of the Brexit vote will be huge payments made by the British people by way of a ‘divorce settlement’ with the EU

Others, however, believe the EU should be paying us. Here’s why.

Two World Wars

Twice, during the last century, the British people have been called upon to free European nations from oppression and brutality. This may sound like a long time ago but it took the British people until as recently as 2006 to pay off all the debt incurred during the wars.

Liberating European countries cost the British tax-payers just over ONE TRILLION POUNDS (in today’s money)

EU Assets.

Great Britain has been the EU’s second largest contributor. As such Britain is also the EU’s second largest ‘shareholder’ and should be able to sell back any assets of value.

This includes all buildings, car fleets and any other property bought and used by the EU collective.

Assets should be valued and Britain paid off in the way any other divorce or partnership break up is handled.


UK defence and economic stability

The United Kingdom is, after America, the most powerful and efficient military power on the planet. It’s economic stability and defence capability has no other peer. (It is part of that historic ‘small island’ mentality)

More – Britain the second most powerful country in the world

Britain is capable of defending its national interest and those of her allies anywhere in the world. The EU’s collective armies cannot match the British in terms of military strength.

Access to the city of London – Largest financial centre in the world.

London is the world’s leading financial centre, with over 250 foreign banks. 96% of the EUs emission trading scheme is traded in London. 588 overseas company’s are quoted in London.

Time’s columnist, Iain Martin, said: ‘The entire EU debt machine runs out of London. We run your currency.’

‘80% of the Eurozone debt, the derivatives, the stuff that makes the Eurozone go around, all of it resides in Britain.’

Of course, parts of that can go to Frankfurt and Paris. But, the German Finance Ministry is on record as ‘understanding the risks of dislocation with London.’

Exports and imports

The European Union exports £80 billion more goods and service to the United Kingdom than we export to them. A ‘no deal’ scenario would hurt the EU far more than the UK

Yet they expected the British to pay for the privilege of trading with a stagnant Eurozone, failing currency and mass unemployment.

How much do they expect us to pay? £52 billion is the latest figure. But the EU has far more to lose from Brexit than the British do and should not be throwing its weight around making threats and demands.

I hope the government fully understands that Britain is a powerful country with a lot of clever people in it, because we do. – Albert Jack

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