Women are to blame for Muslim men behaving like rutting animals – Cleric

Qatar Friday Sermon: Imam Sultan Al-Hashmi Advises Women to Leave the Home Only When Necessary; Unveiled Women Cause Sexual Harassment

Qatari cleric Dr. Sultan Al-Hashmi said in a recent Friday sermon that one of the causes of sexual harassment was that women leave their homes without a veil.

‘If young men did not see in these women things that lead them to harass them, by Allah, they would not do that,’ he said.

His advice to women was to cut down on the times they leave the house, and to do so only when necessary.

‘A woman is not allowed to leave the home unveiled, or dressed in a way that attracts the gaze of boys and men, who might harass her,’ said Al-Hashmi.

The November 10 Friday sermon was posted on his YouTube channel.

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