Proven liar actively trying to subvert BREXIT process

Blair has been publicly branded a liar by Trump team

Tony Blair has confirmed that he is actively working to try and overturn the Brexit vote, claiming the public “deserve” a second referendum on European Union (EU) membership.

“When the facts change, I think people are entitled to change their mind,” the former prime minister told BBC Radio 4 on Sunday.

Asked explicitly if he was trying to reverse the outcome of the historic referendum, he said: “Yes. Exactly so.”

He added: “It is reversible. It’s not done until it’s done.”

The 64-year-old denied that attempts to overturn the result of last year’s referendum are anti-democratic, claiming “the will of the people is not something immutable”.

Blair is doing the rounds and ‘sounding out’ the British public….

“People can change their mind if the circumstances change,” he argued, claiming it was now “very clear” that the suggestion on the side of a Vote Leave campaign bus, which said Brexit would return “£350m per week” to Britain.

“A lot of people will have voted for Brexit on the basis that if you get out of Europe, all this money is going to come back and we can spend it on the health service. And that was a very specific promise made by the Brexiteers,” Blair said.

“It is now very clear, I think, [that] one, that there is no extra money for the health service through Brexit, and, secondly, we’re actually going to be paying less money to the health service, not more money, because growth is down and because we’ve also got this huge bill for the European Union.”

Blair Admits He Is Actively Working to Reverse Brexit

Describing the situation of the NHS as “a national tragedy, in a sense”, the globalist multi-millionaire claimed: “The health service is a huge problem for people today, and the truth is it’s crumbling.”

Official data released Thursday showed a record drop in net migration — which included an almost 50 per cent reduction in the number of EU migrants immigrating to the UK with no job offer.

While Blair appeared to suggest lower economic growth as a result of Brexit will harm Britain’s public health service, Migration Watch UK has calculated that EU migrants are a drain to Her Majesty’s Treasury, as a very large proportion are in jobs where pay is too low to make them net contributors.

Dr. Joseph Chamie, director of research at the Centre for Migration Studies, has described mass migration-driven economic growth as a “Ponzi scheme” which boosts companies’ profits at the expense of quality of life and the environment.

“The underlying strategy of Ponzi demography is to privatise the profits and socialise the costs incurred from increased population growth,” wrote the demographer, who directed the United Nations Population Division for 12 years.

Mass immigration means more demand, consumption, borrowing, and profits, Dr. Chamie conceded –but while companies see population growth swell their profits as the number of consumers in the economy rises, the general public is left to pick up the tab for mounting costs in education, healthcare, housing, and crime.

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