Africans forced to convert to Islam or left to starve

Starving Africans are being forced to convert to Islam by so-called humanitarian aid workers

A troubling video is going viral across social media platforms after a group of Kuwait ‘humanitarian aid workers’ are caught forcing starving Africans to convert to Islam before handing them life-saving food aid.

The African woman and children at the scene are said to be desperate and starving and were surprised to see that the first ‘humanitarian’ workers to arrive were a group of Kuwaiti women, who brought with them desperately needed food, water and medicine.

However, as the disturbing clip circulating Twitter reveals, the Muslim women demanded the Africans convert to Islam before they would be offered any food or water parcels.

The Gateway Pundit reported that a ‘video has emerged showing Kuwaiti aid workers forcing starving Africans to recite parts of the Koran before they receive any food.’ The ‘Shahada’ is the Muslim profession of faith that every convert must recite. It is short and runs like this.’

‘There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah.’

This is further enforced by the sight of the Muslim women holding an index finger erect. This gesture is widely used by ISIS.

Zakat, or Muslim approved charity, is only ever extended by Muslims to other Muslims, as the Quran 48:29 provides;

‘Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, and those with him are forceful against the disbelievers but merciful among themselves.’

Put in simple terms Muslims are only permitted to assist each other in any way at all and yet, as we all know by now, encouraged to ‘behead’ non believers.

Anybody who does not practice Islam are considered by those who do to be evil and ‘lower than dogs’ in the social order. And this means any person desperate to survive, who refuses to convert to the Islamic faith, must be refused assistance.

This obviously is in direct contrast to the aid and charity demanded by many for the Muslims who are swarming into Europe by the millions.

On the one hand Westerners are being forced into acts of financial charity and benevolence whilst others, in the region’s they are fleeing, are being denied life saving charity and left to die by the very same religious group of people.

Christian nations are being brow-beaten and shamed into handing out charity in the shape of housing, education, medical care and welfare to Muslim refugees whilst Muslims in failing Christian countries are forcing desperate people to convert to a new faith or suffer terribly.

The clip was posted to Twitter by a former Muslim who is, of course, now living under the threat of death as the Quran demands for apostates, as those who leave the vile death cult are known. – Albert Jack

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