The World Debt Clock – How much does your country actually owe?

The World Debt Clock

If you have read anything recently about the World Banking System, corrupt US Federal Reserve, The New World Order, where your pension has gone, the tattered Western economies and why you should be worried about the future, although can’t be bothered to read about it properly, then take a look at this and ask yourself. Where has all the money gone?

New World Order is only £1.99

It has to be somewhere, but where..? China hasn’t got it, nor has Russia. Emerging economies such as India and Brazil don’t have it either.

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If this many people, because if you live in any of these countries it means you and me (Government Debt is you and me), owe this much money then whose accounts are in credit by a matching amount?

How can Germany bail out Greece when the German people themselves are in so much debt. How can Britain be lending our money when we already owe nearly two-trillion pounds sterling.

If you are $1000 overdrawn then how can you lend your mate $500. Your Government does it every day. And America..? $21 Trillion..? Why are you fighting wars all over the world when you are bankrupt?
Why are you giving Israel $11 million every day in aid. Aid for what? They already have free healthcare & college tuition and you cannot afford the same for American citizens.
And take a look at the interest everyone, all of us, are paying… Paying it to who? I think we know don’t we.

Go and see the yachts in Cape Town Harbor, or Monaco, or any harbor, or consider the wages of your average footballer and you can see there is still plenty of money around, somewhere. But not in your retirement fund it isn’t.
The world owes a staggering…. take a deep breath – Go

(By the way, a thousand million is a BILLION and a million million is a Trillion)
If you want a picture of the future, of where this may all be leading us, then you might find it here – The New World Order – Bilderberg Conspiracy & The Last Man in London and you can leave your comments too.

This system clearly isn’t working anymore

Live – National Debt Clocks

(Please note: these figures do not include the sum of individual household debt which is estimated to be at least the same again – this is only your Government’s debt)














South Africa




United Kingdom

United States (try not to laugh, it is not funny) 

Other civilized nations –

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