Why the EU is TERRIFIED of Brexit

Brexit could tear the EU apart with other countries more likely to depart than ever, too

This is why the EU is TERRIFIED of Brexit, and it’s fantastic news for Britain.

A BBC editor has revealed exactly why the EU is TERRIFIED of the upcoming process of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, and this will be music to the ears of any Brexit supporter who knows deep down that Brexit will give Britain the best possible future.

According to the BBC’s Europe Editor Katya Adler, there are genuine concerns within Brussels that Brexit will create a strong United Kingdom that provides a huge amount of competition against the remaining 27 member states when it comes to trade.

We can’t say that we are entirely surprised to learn this, as one of the most basic lessons in psychology is that fear can often lead to anger, and in the case of the EU this anger is manifesting itself in the form of aggressive outbursts against the United Kingdom at every possible stage.

A report in The Express says:

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Brexitcast, Ms Adler said: “Let’s imagine a scenario where the EU says, ‘UK we love you, you know we love you and you know that we don’t want you to leave and you know that we want to keep you really close, so let’s do a really advantageous free trade deal and let’s add some financial services into that.

“‘And we’ll give you everything you want. But you’re also free to make arrangements with anybody else you like where you may change your prices and become much more competitive than us’ .

“That’s what they don’t want. They want to keep the UK close, but they want to keep the UK close and locked in.

“They are terrified about us becoming this super competitive country just right close to them and sucking in business that they would then lose out on.

“So, absolutely, they are very worried about that.

“And they’re rapidly on their computers saying, ‘Mmmm… How does this all add up?’”

It seems that there could be an even bigger headache on the horizon for the EU’s high and mighty if this is all true.

Someone, somewhere in Brussels must have tried to figure out the ‘tipping point’ where their continued aggressive stance towards the United Kingdom will result in our negotiators simply walking away and telling Theresa May that we need to go it alone.

It is a very risky strategy on their part, as many experts have established that ‘no deal’ will cause the EU a world of pain.

Therefore, they either know exactly what they are doing when prominent EU figures come out and say that they are going to make Brexit ‘no easy thing’ for the United Kingdom, or they are simply making a huge gamble that could backfire spectacularly at any time.

However, the slightly more sobering thought here is that those who are negotiating on our behalf are not leveraging this simple fact.

The whole point of negotiating is that you try to drive hard for the best possible outcome by giving and taking in equal measure, while also using every single possible advantage.

From what we have seen so far, our constant ‘rolling over’ with every new Brussels demand doesn’t give the impression that our team understands this basic principle. – YourBrexit.co.uk

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