POLL: Should the UK ban the Burka

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Norway is set to be the next country in Europe to ban the Burka, but this has made me wonder if there is a public demand for such ban in the UK

How do you feel about the Burka? Should it be banned? Or is that an intrusion of personal freedoms/liberties.

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Education Minister (in Norway), Torbjorn Roe, said: “These clothes prevent good communication, which is important for students to receive a good education.”

Immigration Minister, Per Sandberg, echoed the comments, adding: “Face-covering garment such as the niqab or burqa do not belong in Norwegian schools. The ability to communicate is a basic value.”

If the law is passed Norway would become the first Nordic country to crackdown on Islamic headwear.

Many European nations have already cracked down on the Burka. – YourBrexit

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