How will Russia react to UK and US air strikes on Syria?

There are concerns Russia will launch a major response to the airstrikes

Syrian AIRSTRIKES: How will Russia respond after Trump announces US-led military raid?

ANTI-AIRCRAFT units are firing over Syria tonight but so far there is confirmation on whether any assets have been struck or if Russia has responded.

There are reports of large explosions in Damascus immediately after Trump announced missile strikes.

The UK and France have both joined the “precision strikes”.

There are also reports that Russian Airforce jets took off from Latakia just now, but these remain unconfirmed and could be disinformation.

CNN Chief National Security Correspondent, Jim Sciutto, said: “US official told us “What you’ve seen tonight is not the end of the US’s not over”

Risk of Russian involvement is very high as he is in an alliance with the Syrian regime, as well as Iran.

Russia promised to respond, although there is no confirmation of whether Russia has responded as of yet, there is video showing Syrian air defences repelling the attack.

There are no reports of Russian of S-400 missiles firing, so far.

No US missiles reported passing near Russian air base in Latakia.

US apparently firing cruise missile through Lebanese airspace. This is likely to prevent them being shot down.

The greatest fear is of Russian intervention, aircraft are keeping at a distance away from Russia’s range.

All attacks so far have avoided any Russian area.

The US and Russia have had a communication line throughout the seven-year Syrian Civil war in order to prevent striking each others’ forces after backing opposing sides in the conflict.

It is understood Russia threatened to cut off the line after the strikes in 2017.

There is speculation the US have told Russia of the strikes and asked for their location in order to avoid risking greater escalation. – More to follow…

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