35% of British Jews consider leaving for safety reasons

The rise of Islam in Europe is forcing Jews to think about fleeing, again.

One in three British Jews ‘thinking about leaving UK’ as anti-Semitism soars leaving one in six ‘feeling unwelcome’

British Jews are preparing to leave the UK for the safety of Israel. Results of shock poll branded ‘deeply shameful’ by MPs as cops reveal a 45 per cent rise in anti-Jewish hate crimes in just three years.

ALMOST a third of British Jews have considered leaving the country to escape the rise in hate crime, a poll reveals today.

One in six says they feel unwelcome here and two in five admit they feel forced to hide their faith in public.

London synagogue that was targeted by an anti-Semitic attack
AFP – GETTY – London synagogue that was targeted by an anti-Semitic attack

Last night stunned MPs branded the findings “deeply shameful” and vowed urgent action to tackle the scourge of anti-semitism.

The shock survey comes just weeks after police figures revealed violent racist crime against Jews had hit a new peak.

Cops dealt with a record 1,078 anti-semitic offences last year, a rise of 45 per cent since 2014.

Three in four Jews believe recent political events have resulted in hostility towards them, according to a YouGov poll for the Campaign Against Antisemitism.

More than four in five say the Labour party harbours anti-semites in its ranks. And more than half think Crown prosecutors are partly to blame for failing in their duty to press charges against those who spread hatred.

CAA chairman Gideon Falter said: “Our research clearly shows that British Jews have pointed their fingers at the Crown Prosecution Service and the Labour party.

“Without urgent change, British Jews may start to leave, as has happened elsewhere in Europe.”

Sir Eric Pickles, chairman of Conservative Friends of Israel, said Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn must shoulder some blame for failing to challenge antisemitism in his party.

He said: “Our fellow citizens must never feel fear or anxiety at displacing their heritage in public. The fact that some do is deeply shameful.

“Modern antisemitism has been alloweed to flourish int he left of British politics, unchallenged by the Labour leadership. This report is a wake-up call.

“They cannot continue to be half-hearted in their approach. The time has come to root antisemitism out of British life.”

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid added: “There can never be an excuse for hatred towards the Jewish community and wherever we find it we shall oppose and challenge it.”

“Our Hate Crime Action Plan sets out how we will tackle these crimes, boost reporting to the police and Community Security Trust and help victims rebuild their lives.

“We are also providing an extra £13.4 million to protect Jewish faith schools and synagogues.

“This Conservative government will always stand together with the British Jewish community to keep it safe and to defeat the scourge of antisemitism – defending our British values of tolerance and respect for others.”

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