Video: White people take up arms in RACIST South Africa

On Assignment, begins on ITV on Monday 14th May at 10.45pm

The white farmers in South Africa taking up arms as they face the prospect of their land being forcibly taken back

Twenty-five years since the end of apartheid in South Africa, the country is still wrestling with its legacy.

Vast swathes of farmland are still owned by the white minority, and now the government is considering seizing the land and handing it over to the millions of poor black farmers, dispossessed generations ago by Boer settlers.

For the new series of ITV’s On Assignment, which returns on Monday, ITV News Africa Correspondent John Ray travelled across the country, meeting those desperate to get back the land of their ancestors, and those who are taking up arms to protect their property.

Watch the full report in the new series of On Assignment, which begins on ITV on Monday 14th May at 10.45pm

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