White people NOT considered equal by the racist Labour Party

Labour's Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbot has repeatedly expressed racist, anti-white rhetoric

Labour reported for discrimination as men, white and straight people are banned from equality conference

Young Labour have insisted only BAME, disabled, gay or female party members can attend.

A LABOUR conference on equality has been reported for discrimination after men, white and straight people were banned from it.

Young Labour, who are organising the gathering next month, have insisted only BAME, disabled, gay or female party members can attend.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen has asked the Equalities and Human Rights Commission to rule on whether the edict is legal.

The row comes just two weeks after Jeremy Corbyn’s party was found guilty of unlawful discrimination over another conference.

Labour’s bid to charge black and ethnic minority members £10 less to attend its East Midlands Conference and hear the hard left leader speak was deemed wrong by the watchdog.


The flyer for the Young Labour equalities conference

MP for North West Leicestershire Mr Bridgen said: “Labour are a divisive Party who want to divide people into victim groups.

“They have not learnt from the Equalities Commission ruling last month.

“The Labour Party are no longer about equality or fighting against discrimination, they have been entirely taken over by identity politics and specific groups of activists.”

Tory deputy chairman James Cleverly, who is of mixed race, added: “This is yet another example of discrimination by Labour.

“Their lazy assumption that straight white men can’t fight for equality is shocking.”

Young Labour have called to the new conference in London to elect its four equalities officers, meaning those barred from attending will also be deprived a vote in the ballot.

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