The Hamas LIE and your Mainstream Media

The Money Shot
When one of these boys is dead, the Money Shot will come when his weeping mother turns up

The usual Hamas lie is in full swing, with the standard backing of their publicity machine, being the world’s Left-Wing mainstream media.

Last month they INSTRUCTED their citizens to protest the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem by arming themselves and attempting to cross the Israeli border and kill, or kidnap, Jewish people. Anybody would do, military or civilian, mother or child.

They were told to rendezvous at a certain point where bulldozers would penetrate the border fence and allow them in to attack. To glorify themselves in the name of Allah.

The Israelis had already sent messages to the Palestinian people calling for calm.

They sent mass emails and dropped leaflets PLEADING with the citizens NOT to send their children to the border where it is UNSAFE for them.

We knew the Israeli Defense Force would not allow a breach to happen. YOU knew the IDF would defend their border. HAMAS knew the JEWS would fight back and there would be casualties.

And that’s why they sent their women and children.

That is what Hamas and the other scum of the Muslim Brotherhood always do.

Palestinian baby taken to the front line
What sort of savage takes this child to a border that 50,000 screaming Muslims are trying to penetrate with bulldozers and rocks?

Because the next day their propaganda division, in the shape of the BBC, Washington Post, CNN and Sky News, would be able to show you images of dead Palestinian children, hopefully with its grief-stricken mother collapsed in a heap of rags beside it and, better still, with an armed Jew standing over them. The Money Shot.

There should have been NO Palestinian women or children anywhere near the Israeli border this week, certainly not armed with knives and rocks.

Their latest tactic is to have the children fly kites with petrol bombs tied to them in an attempt to set Jews on fire.

No doubt it will be drones next, when Iran send them and they can figure out where the batteries go.

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Does anybody seriously think they will force their way into Israel with bulldozers & rocks and kidnap soldiers, as they were ordered to do? No, of course you don’t.

Hamas knew that too. Its only the picture on CNN they were after. Over fifty dead civilians in exchange for a two-minute slot on the BBC. Shameful. On all sides.

The Money Shot
Disgusting propaganda

Israel didn’t attacked anybody. They pleaded with Hamas to keep their women and children at home. Don’t be mad at Israel for defending themselves.

Be mad at Hamas, Muslims, the Muslim Brotherhood and the disgraceful, bought & paid for mainstream media in your country for insisting on the Money Shot.

They are not interesting in the idea that Jerusalem has been the spiritual capital of the Jewish people for 3,500 years. That’s nearly 2000 years longer than Islam has even existed.

Who cares that the Babylonians destroyed their temple? Who cares that the Romans enslaved them? Who cares that the Saracens (Muslims) slaughtered them? (The Great Crusades)

Nobody gives a damn that the Jordanian Muslims desecrated Jerusalem from 1948, just a year after the formation of the ‘safe’ State of Israel following the horror of the Second World War.

The Israelis finally wrestled it back in 1967 after they were attacked by Muslims from all bordering countries which led to a war, during which the Jews chased them all away in only six-days. Of course they ran away. Bullies always do when confronted with force.

And that is what Hamas have been bleating about ever since. Nobody gives a damn that Israel is prepared to, and does, share Jerusalem with followers of the Islamic faith.

Islam doesn’t want to share anything, they want to drive Israeli Jews into the sea. And will keep sending their low IQ monsters into civilian areas to kill as many as they can until they do.

But that’s ok, Who cares right? As long as your mainstream media gets their money shot.

-Albert Jack

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