Brexit: There is a war on for your mind

I have no problem going to war with these know-nothing whingers

Is it possible that the British MPs arguing loudly for a Brexit reversal could actually have their way?

Are we really going to see the likes of political losers in the shape of Ken Clarke, Nick Clegg, Vince Cable, Hilary Benn, Tony Blair, Keir Starmer and all those other cynical Left-Wing nutters, who see the Brexit argument as the backstairs to power, enforce their will upon the British voter?

As might some of the oily, chinless Tories such as Michael Heseltine and his cobbled together supporters, whom I have never heard of, who can be heard lying to us every week about the referendum result and its consequences.

One thing we know for sure is that the moaning, boring remainers have clearly underestimated the resolve of the British voter and failed to even consider the consequence ignoring 18million people who voted to leave the EU.

If they want to speak of consequences then be warned that wiping the leave vote from the record, as if it never mattered anyway, is sure to have serious consequences.

The divisive damage looney Liberals are currently doing at the moment in paving a path for the madness that would be a new, pro-remain, Labour government is incalculable.

Already every British ex-pat and holiday maker is suffering the squeeze of a weak pound and repeatedly arguing that Britain is ‘undecided’ on the issue is making us politically weak too.

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There is nothing undecided. The vote was taken and one side won. It was always going to be close, all referendums are. We hold referendums in the first place because opinion is neatly divided and close in call.

If public opinion was heavily leaning to one side then the issue would be taken up by political parties and voted on at the General Election. When it is too close to call none of the parties want to make a big issue out of them in fear of losing voters.

So of course it was going to be close. Opinion was closely divided. And it isn’t so much that we now have a winner, more of ‘we have a decision.’

And if the democratic decision to leave the EU, made during the biggest free vote in the history of our nation, is reversed then there will be consequences alright. Don’t you worry about that.

Consequences that the likes of Heseltine, Clegg and Blair haven’t thought about. Because, for one thing, it will demonstrate that democracy in Britain is fake and we are living under a system of Fascism that those juvenile clowns making up ANTIFA are loudly and violently supporting.

The fact they are too stupid to realise it is no real defence.

The British were assured, promised even, that their vote on the question of EU membership would be final. Finished. Over and done with. Nobody agreed to a best of three ballot.

 The UK voted for Brexit last June... and protests were immediate
REUTERS – The UK voted for Brexit last June… and protests were immediate

When the British realise that if their vote actually meant something then they wouldn’t be allowed to do it, there will be conflict. Conflict in Parliament and conflict in the streets.

The only reason there hasn’t been so far is that the British are civilised, tolerant and politically mature.

In Spain they throw the political leaders of the movement for Catalan independence in jail. As they do in many parts of the world. This would never wash in Britain. There would be hell to pay.

 Thousands marched on Westminster last year.. after the referendum
ALAMY – Thousands marched on Westminster last year.. after the referendum

Those who voted to remain in Europe should not go to war on those who voted against it. The voter must be respected, the result must be honoured and the British should unite and approach the future in a positive mood.

The continuing debate, rhetoric, abuse and name calling has divided friends, colleagues and families and must now end. It’s over, get used to it.

Much of this resentment comes from a student generation who blame their grandparents for ‘stealing the future.’ These know-nothings should not be allowed to vote in the first place.

The sooner voting is the privilege of the taxpayer the better society will become. Why are non-taxpayers afforded the vote anyway? It is nothing to do with them.

This is like a homeless person wandering into a restaurant and demanding vegan food added to the menu, then walking out with buying anything. The decisions we take have nothing to do with you Snowflakes.

It is only the Remainers who are bullying, cajoling, whinging and complaining, like the sore losers they will have to get used to being.

Because they will lose again. If the vote were to be repeated their losing margin will be greater next time. Remainers know this.

This is why nobody is calling for a second vote. Instead they want the original one declared null and void, forgotten about and the story re-written.

This is Fascism. Denying the will of the people, ignoring a democratic vote and imposing a form of government on unwilling societies is Fascism.

This what Mussolini did. This is what Hitler did. And this is what the EU sock-puppets and their British Left-Wing collaborators want to do now.


 EU president Jean-Claude Juncker has been critical of Britain
EU president Jean-Claude Juncker has been critical of the British voter
 Yesterday's man... Nick Clegg
Yesterday’s man… Nick Clegg was a lying failure

The pro-Europe remainers have already done this country’s democracy a shameful disservice.

If they have their way, and the UK stays inside the European Union, it will be at the expense of freedoms that greater generations fought and died for and there will be a backlash. There will be consequences.

Because if the EU referendum result is denied at this late hour, it will become obvious to everybody that democracy is not the goal of the EU and the Pro-Europe British lobby.

It is Fascism they wish to impose and we will have to fight it all over again.

– Albert Jack

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